Monday, 26 February 2007

Nudie Jeans

Let’s face it; jeans are not a fashion trend, but more a necessity in any wardrobe.
Put your hands up if you don’t own a pair of jeans? Ah, no hands! Exactly!

Nudie Jeans have recognised this and have started to create jeans that don’t just offer the ‘latest cuts and styles’ but exclude the usual mediocre, every day feeling you get when wearing them.

Practicality is always a major factor when choosing a garment of clothing, and as a result, Nudie Jeans’ manufacturing quality means that you can abuse them week after week with them still looking good.

Longevity is also addressed by Nudie Jeans with their collections ever expanding season by season as the brand becomes more popular and as a result UK Retailers such as ASOS have picked up on the cult following of Nudie Jeans and jumped on the bandwagon, with more and more retailers doing the same and offering their jeans for the fashion conscious masses.

As with any pair of jeans, if you choose the right cut, wash and style you’ll be laughing like a Clown at a Carnival with how they make you look stylish.

So whether it’s the ‘indie-ness’ of the Slim Jim, or the casual look of Regular Ralf, Nudie Jeans will have you looking good for any occasion.

Friday, 23 February 2007

Tokyo Scarves

Even though Winter is on its way out into fashionable Spring, it’s still rather nippy outside.

This, however, is more familiar to the weather experienced in Japan at this time of year, where January and February are the coldest months of the year.

But do not despair! Tokyoites (a fancy word for people who live in Tokyo) have embraced this cold weather, and have seen it as an opportunity for yet more stylish coordination by adding scarves to their outfits.

Luxury fibres and interesting textures, available in a multitude of colours and feels are the current ‘Do’s’ in scarf fashion.

‘Don’ts’ are psychedelic stripes and the abstract paisley designs more accustomed to Tom Baker Dr. Who costumes.

For an added touch of class to keeping Jack Frost at bay, the most stylish Tokyoites are seen in long and wide scarves draped luxuriously over themselves, adding a touch of flair to a plain winter coat.


Worn by young salary men in inner city suits, these two-toned, tassel designs in super soft fabric add extravagance to normal office wear.


Uniqlo is a Japanese retailer engrossed in providing high quality at low prices, with their popular, thick textured scarves looking perfect with a casual parka.

Paul Smith

The well known, classy Paul Smith enjoys a unique cult following in Japan, and his scarves are no exception, with their extra long, striped scarves giving any Tokyoite a touch of British class.


Known as the Japanese version of the popular hip hop clothing label Rocawear, their scarf range can normally be seen around the necks of the laid back trend setters in Shibuya, where anything hip goes.


Another Western brand followed loyally by Tokyoites is L.A based Xlarge. Their hounds tooth printed scarves are a must for wearing either to work or for weekend wear.

With fashion like this, it almost seems a shame for Spring to be on its way to liven us up.


Monday, 19 February 2007

Ocean's 13

One of the most fashion stylish movie franchises is back for more this summer!

Yes, George Clooney reprises his role as Danny Ocean, the coolest conman around, and returns in Ocean’s 13 on the 8th June 2007 in cinemas across the USA and UK.

In this outing the group (including Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, and the ever cool Don Cheadle) are minus Julia Robert and Catherine Zeta Jones but joined by Ellen Barkin and the one and only Al Pacino!

The movie Ocean’s Eleven (the 2001 remake of the 1960s Rat Pack movie) was the epitome of cool. A massive box office success with very good reviews, it had a fashion wardrobe any cool man could only envy. The makers confess they didn’t try to copy the original 1960’s movie wardrobe, which looked stunning itself, but they did try to live up to the Frank Sinatra flick. In 2001, a “heightened Las Vegas” was created. Not Vegas as it is, but Vegas as we would like to see it…with dazzling suits and cool, cool threads.
The Ocean's 13 wardrobe was created by Louise Frogley, costume designer on movies such as Kurt Russell’s “Exectutive Decision”, Brad Pitt’s “Spy Game” and Denzel Washington’s “Man on Fire”, so she was by no means new to making celebrities look great! Creating a distinctive look for a massive cast, and the fact that most of the actors are playing established characters mean’t Louise had challenge a challenge to keep things fresh. “These are really difficult projects for the costume designer. They have so many characters, each of which has to have a totally distinctive quality” says Frogley.

The two leads Pitt and Clooney steal the fashion show!

Danny Ocean on the other hand is the glue that holds the gang together. He is a solid character and dresses accordingly. Lots of blacks, greys and a bit of white. George Clooney is so stylish, so cool. He walks around Vegas looking fantastic.
In creating the costumes for the Ocean’s crew, Frogley wanted to pay tribute to the work of costume designer Jeffrey Kurland (the designer on the original movie” while spicing things up to modern men’s fashion. For both George Clooney and Brad Pitt, clean lines and simple styles ruled the day. “With George Clooney, the simpler the better,” she states. “He developed his look in the first film, and we thought it was brilliant and decided to follow that route. George is an actor who doesn’t like too much fuss; apart from his tuxedo and one disguise, he’s primarily in dark gray suits and white shirts.”
The Brad Pitt character, Rusty Ryan, wears simple suits with over the top colours, lots of reflective, shiny materials, but gets away with it. Rusty Ryan is quick; everything about him is fast, including his clothes.

Frogley relates, “Brad also wanted to keep it simple with just a bit of ‘bling.’ He felt his character had grown up, so it made sense that Rusty’s clothing would be simpler, but it had to be colorful, in contrast to Danny.”
As for the other celebrity fashion stars of Ocean's 13! Well...

Matt Damon’s fashion wardrobe noticeably conveys the most character development. Indeed Frogley offers, “Jerry wanted Linus to be much more grown up. He’s not a kid any more; he’s about to pull his own con jobs and has become more important in the Ocean’s organization, so we felt he should be dressing in more suits. Matt also wanted a completely different look for his Lenny Pepperidge persona, so we copied a Chairman Mao suit, and pushed it a bit.”

Basher Tarr is hip! “Don Cheadle wanted to be very American-looking this time out, but his mining outfit is this beautiful Yohji Yamamoto jacket that we bashed up a lot. Basher’s wardrobe is very basic—except, of course, when he ‘borrows’ the costume of motorcycle daredevil Fender Roads,” the designer smiles.
Carl Reiner’s Saul Bloom also had a distinct wardrobe for his alias, the phoney "Five Diamond" hotel reviewer Kensington Chubb. “We made Kensington ersatz English—more like an American view of what an Englishman would wear. We used lots of Harris, Irish and Scottish tweeds. It was all very tweedy with moleskin trousers and tattersall shirts,” Frogley describes.
But the most interesting fashion character is that of Andy Garcia’s; Terry Benedict. The “bad guy” of the trilogy looks just as good as his rivals. Benedict’s wardrobe has an eastern feel. His suits are western in fit but Asian in style, a fashion twist that works well.

Frogley says she followed Terry Benedict’s previously established style for his wardrobe. She affirms, “Andy Garcia had worn a cravat almost all the time in ‘Ocean’s 12.’ I thought it suited his character, but this time, I decided to push it a bit and go for a ‘Death in Venice’ look.”
The MFB team are looking forward to the next Danny Ocean outing this summer!


Upcoming Designers: Four of the Best

With fashion trends changing like the weather, designers are constantly leaving their mark on men’s fashion by bringing something new to the fashion table.

Below are ‘Four of the Best’ who’s talents ensure that their clothing will be worn for season’s to come, whilst instantly pulling them up the fashion ranks.

Michael Bastian

Five years as fashion director for Bergdorf Goodman under his belt and a wealth of design inspiration has placed Michael Bastian in this upcoming list.

His precedence is to design clothing that appeals to men’s usual day to day wear, but with an added dash of flair. The look incorporates classic American design, but with extra panache giving men of today impeccably tailored suits, lavish knitwear, sophisticated trench coats and other outerwear.

Ozwald Boateng

Ozwald Boateng is a self styled modernist designing fashion for the male that wants innovation tailoring. A self described ‘bespoke couture’; Ozwald is responsible for bringing Savile Row to the new generation. Clients of this classically refined look include Will Smith, Jaime Foxx, Samuel L. Jackson and Keanu Reeves among others.

The look combines sophistication with lavish fabrics and plush colours which provides that essential amount of flamboyance to any man’s wardrobe.

Keanan Duffty

While sophistication and elegance are an appreciated element to any garment, a Rock and Roll ‘edge’ is equally as important when it comes to men’s fashion.

Keanan Duffty brings this ‘edge’ to anything he creates on his KD Collection, and has provided the eccentric edginess since 1999 to celebrities such as Justin Timberlake, Steven Dorff, The Sex Pistols and David Bowie among many others.

This alternative look involves cutting edge designs, unconventional fabrics and British iconography which bring out the chaotic, hotel room smashing Rock Star inside all of us.

Tim Hamilton

Tim Hamilton’s mission is to bring the ‘American aesthetic’ back to men’s fashion. Conservative items are given the ‘Americana’ look by adding modern flair that only Tim Hamilton could administer. The look incorporates masculine ‘Preppy-ness’ and offers a back to basics take on men’s fashion.

Garments include polo’s, cardigans and denim, and provide a new level of fashion for the Preppy-Dressed male of today.

Sunday, 18 February 2007

Mika the "face" of Paul Smith SS07

The UK's "next big thing"; Mika, is the new face of Paul Smith! But who is Mika...

Well, classically trained musician Mika (pronounced Meeka), 23 years old from Beirut but London based, is making waves with his orchestral and poppy tunes that have smashed onto the UK music scence!

Mika's debut single Grace Kelly received heavy radio airplay in late 2006 and was the most frequently played song on BBC Radio 2 in early 2007, plus the artist was named "best new talent" in the BBC's Sound of 2007 music poll.

Check out Mika's space on MySpace:

Paul Smith’s latest advertising campaign for SS07 sees the continuation of the theme of ‘real’ people from the AW06 campaign. As a consequence it focuses on individuality with c. 20 'real' people including Mika shot by photographer Julian Broad. Other people included a member of the band All American Rejects.

Check out the SS07 collection of Paul Smith clothing and accessories for men at

Saturday, 17 February 2007

Duchamp Spring Summer 07 Collection Launched!

A KJ Beckett favourite, the new Duchamp range is out now! Following the opening of the long awaited Duchamp "flagship" store in November 2006, the Duchamp Spring Summer 2007 collection has now been launched at the aforementioned store in Regent Street.

For those of you that don’t know, Duchamp is a London-based company with a worldwide reputation for vibrant luxurious clothing accessories for men. Its most recognisable products include a vast collection of colourful enamel cufflinks and brilliantly-hued woven silk ties! UK residents will know Duchamp ties from seeing Jon Snow (on the Channel 4 news) who was a devotee of vibrantly coloured Duchamp ties.

As bold as ever, Duchamp's Spring/Summer 2007 accessories collection has the instantly recognisable colourful impact that the label is so widely known for! However it also embraces a slightly quieter sophistication to make the designer range more accessible to the less adventurous fashionable male.

Duchamp's range of woven silk ties include the regular Paisley design, Harlequin diamond patterns, and an interesting "overblown herringbone" design. The usual hexagons, spots, stripes, and of course florals can also be seen.

Spring/Summer 2007 collection adds to the established, brilliantly coloured enamels and gemstone-based cufflinks, with new styles that include a selection of rhodium and gold-plated, diamond-cut cufflinks. Coloured Swarovski crystal cufflinks add a touch of "bling"...

The usual scarves, shirts, socks and bow ties can also be seen, in what could be considered their best collection yet.

We welcome responses from readers who have viewed the new season. Check out some of the designs at