Monday, 26 February 2007

Nudie Jeans

Let’s face it; jeans are not a fashion trend, but more a necessity in any wardrobe.
Put your hands up if you don’t own a pair of jeans? Ah, no hands! Exactly!

Nudie Jeans have recognised this and have started to create jeans that don’t just offer the ‘latest cuts and styles’ but exclude the usual mediocre, every day feeling you get when wearing them.

Practicality is always a major factor when choosing a garment of clothing, and as a result, Nudie Jeans’ manufacturing quality means that you can abuse them week after week with them still looking good.

Longevity is also addressed by Nudie Jeans with their collections ever expanding season by season as the brand becomes more popular and as a result UK Retailers such as ASOS have picked up on the cult following of Nudie Jeans and jumped on the bandwagon, with more and more retailers doing the same and offering their jeans for the fashion conscious masses.

As with any pair of jeans, if you choose the right cut, wash and style you’ll be laughing like a Clown at a Carnival with how they make you look stylish.

So whether it’s the ‘indie-ness’ of the Slim Jim, or the casual look of Regular Ralf, Nudie Jeans will have you looking good for any occasion.

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