Friday, 23 February 2007

Tokyo Scarves

Even though Winter is on its way out into fashionable Spring, it’s still rather nippy outside.

This, however, is more familiar to the weather experienced in Japan at this time of year, where January and February are the coldest months of the year.

But do not despair! Tokyoites (a fancy word for people who live in Tokyo) have embraced this cold weather, and have seen it as an opportunity for yet more stylish coordination by adding scarves to their outfits.

Luxury fibres and interesting textures, available in a multitude of colours and feels are the current ‘Do’s’ in scarf fashion.

‘Don’ts’ are psychedelic stripes and the abstract paisley designs more accustomed to Tom Baker Dr. Who costumes.

For an added touch of class to keeping Jack Frost at bay, the most stylish Tokyoites are seen in long and wide scarves draped luxuriously over themselves, adding a touch of flair to a plain winter coat.


Worn by young salary men in inner city suits, these two-toned, tassel designs in super soft fabric add extravagance to normal office wear.


Uniqlo is a Japanese retailer engrossed in providing high quality at low prices, with their popular, thick textured scarves looking perfect with a casual parka.

Paul Smith

The well known, classy Paul Smith enjoys a unique cult following in Japan, and his scarves are no exception, with their extra long, striped scarves giving any Tokyoite a touch of British class.


Known as the Japanese version of the popular hip hop clothing label Rocawear, their scarf range can normally be seen around the necks of the laid back trend setters in Shibuya, where anything hip goes.


Another Western brand followed loyally by Tokyoites is L.A based Xlarge. Their hounds tooth printed scarves are a must for wearing either to work or for weekend wear.

With fashion like this, it almost seems a shame for Spring to be on its way to liven us up.


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