Friday, 9 March 2007

Man Bag? You’re having a laugh, mate.

Gone are the days of only women carrying bags to complement outfits. Now, in this new age of fashion, men’s bags are masculine and are a welcome addition to any outfit.

With the following bags mixed and matched with the appropriate outfit, you really can’t go wrong.

The Messenger Bag

Worn throughout history by, yes you’ve guessed it, Messengers, these updated bags based on the classic Messenger style are still hung from the shoulder, but with the chic associated with Urban Fashion. This laid back style has a classic flair, but complement with a leather version, and you definitely add that extra pinch of style to any outfit.
The Briefcase

Throughout the test of time, briefcases have been the most widely accepted ‘man bag’. These days however, the sharp box shape has gone, with classic elements such s buckles, and the leather exterior staying to make this a welcome addition to any man’s wardrobe.

The Camera Bag

Gone are the days of looking like a tourist wandering around somewhere new, with a map glued to your hands. The new style of camera bag is a brilliant way of discreetly lugging around your belongings. Simple, but with a lot of function, they can be worn across the shoulder or over it and add a touch of masculinity to any casual outfit.
The Tote

Another approach to the classic briefcase, the Tote is based on an artisan’s bag, but with a stylish, basic design and leather exterior.
The long handle gives an edge of differentiation and masculinity to any work wear.
The Holdall

Big bulky luggage? Who needs it! Sleek, stylish holdalls have updated this style by refining the appearance and keeping with a predominantly leather feel. This refined look can add a practical tote to any look.
The Newsboy

EXTRA EXTRA! Read all about it!!! Synonymous with casual wear, the retro Newsboy Bag is slightly different to the Messenger Bag by being slightly more casual with it’s canvas exterior.
This type of bag is perfect for the style savvy student lugging around those all important text books while making a perfect fashion statement.
All these bags are available over the glorius medium known as the internet, with key designers such as Man-Bag, and Paul Smith catching our eye.

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