Friday, 27 April 2007

The Badger Hair Shaving Brush

Using a fine badger hair brush to brush quality shaving cream onto your face is a necessity in obtaining that perfect shave! MFB investigate the use of badger hair brushes for men…

Why use badger hair brushes?

Although shaving cream may be applied with the fingers, MFB recommends the use of a good quality shaving brush for three reasons.

1. A good shaving brush absorbs hot water then releases and mixes the hot water with the shaving cream as you apply the cream to your face. The combination of hot water mixing with the cream and getting beaten by the brush during application, delivers a thicker, richer, more emollient lather that’s you would not be able to achieve with your fingers.

2. A shaving brush also gently exfoliates the dead skin from your face before shaving. This eradicates an unwanted layer between the blade and your hair, assisting in a closer shave.

3. The brushing lifts your beard and suspends the hair upright in the thick lather, which exposes the maximum hair length to your razor blade to ensure you remove as much hair as possible, thus obtaining a closer shave.

How to use a badger hair brush

It's simple! Skim the brush back and forth across your face and neck in and up and down motion.

Choosing a badger hair brush

The choice of badger hair is dependent to where on the body the hair was harvested from. There are three grades of badger hair in general use:

  1. Pure brushes - which have dark hair of medium to short length.

  2. Best brushes - which have long to medium length, with a creamy tip and softer feel.

  3. Super brushes - which have longer length hair with a very soft creamy white tip. Super badger is chosen by many for its' soft yet luxurious and effective performance however super badger hair is rare commodity making, making it very expensive.

Makers of badger hair brushes

Leading makers of shaving brushes include English companies Cyril R Salter, A. Simpson & Co., and G.B. Kent & Sons. The aforementioned makers are acknowledged by many as creating the best quality and most refined shaving brushes in the world and MFB recommends no others. Indeed G.B. Kent has been making the world's finest brushes since 1777 and is internationally renowned for selecting the best materials, applying advanced manufacturing methods, and finishing with impecable attention to detail that creates a shaving brush that is as close to perfect as is possible.

To browse through a collection of men's shaving brushes by the very best shaving brush makers; including Simpsons and G.B. Kent, click here.


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