Friday, 20 April 2007

The Brits 2007: No wonder people turned up.

So what are the advantages of being a Global music icon these days?
The fame? The money? Or the vast amount of freebies you get when you turn up and get drunk at an awards ceremony?

Yes, that’s right, every Brit winner, award presenter and performer gets a goodie bag full of the most stylish items around at the moment.

So what did they get? We delve into the bag to take a closer look at the more interesting products.

Black Dice Watch

What does someone at the cutting edge of entertainment need? A cutting edge time-piece, that’s what.
Black Dice have been climbing the ranks of the time piece industry for a few years now and are known for their style, finesse and attention to detail that can define the wearer.


If you’re thinking of Christianity, or Hinduism in a bag, then you’re going to be disappointed.
Religion are a designer renowned from taking inspiration from the early era of punk, and transforming it into designer clothes that scream of rock and roll. They are constantly bringing something new to the marketplace that is totally original and embedding their unique brand identity into their range, creating something truly special.
Celebrities currently endorsing Religion include Kate Moss, the Dirty Pretty Things, Russell Brand and Gwen Stefani.


The New York based men’s accessory label is well known overseas for their stylishly designed men’s accessories that are aesthetically pleasing but also versatile to use on a daily basis. Luckily for us, they have recently branched out into Europe and more importantly the UK, allowing us Brits to appreciate the panache of their range of products.


Dedicated to making men’s underwear sexy since the 1960’s, HOM offer a range of under garment where eroticism and fantasy meet comfort and wellbeing.
Their Spring Summer 2007 range is simply innovative and refreshing in the world of men’s underwear, with the Award Hipster being our pick of the bunch, combining style and comfort, making everyone a winner.


What does everyone need at a night such as the Brits? A ‘super-shooter’ that’s what!
At 80% alcohol, this has to be the World’s ultimate ‘super-shooter’ making every night memorable (or not memorable - depending how much you drink!)
Classed as a dark rum, STROH has been knocking around for 170 years and is consumed in over 30 countries.
Quickly becoming a cult drink, and drank by the Superstars among us, it is known simply as ‘The Spirit of Austria’.


Ever wanted to be an intergalactic pirate? Well now you can thanks to Daddy, the London based menswear label.
Celebrity immortality has been the basis for past collections, comprising of rock and roll flavours, with a dash of occultism to ‘mix it up’.

The above has simply been what we've considered to be slightly cooler than everything else in the bag, and what with it being coupled with other items from Nintendo, Remington, ChillArt and La Fée, it’s no wonder the Brits seemed like an early Christmas on the telly.


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