Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Contribute an article and win £100 or $200 from

Do you have something interesting to say about men's fashion? Perhaps you want to write about the leading men's sock designers from around the world? Or maybe you have a new Hugo Boss suit you wish to review? If so you could win £100/$200...KJ Beckett want to hear from you!

If you write an article about men's fashion or lifestyle, with a minimum of 500 words (to a maximum of 1500) and at least one picture; and our editors like it, we will be post your article to be read by the thousands of readers of our interesting men's fashion blog.

Furthermore you will be entered into a quarterly free prize draw where the winner gets to spend £100 or $200 (USD) on anything they choose at But that's not all! Each writer is entered into a monthly free prize draw where the winner gets to spend £20 or $40 on anything from KJ Beckett's designer accessory collections. So that's two chances to win! Plus, if that’s not enough, every article that is posted on our blog gets the writer a free Yoropen so you can continue to develop your journalistic skills and write even more articles for KJ Beckett!

So get writing to see your article online and win big! Remember your article has to be about men's fashion and lifestyle (including movies, sport and technology) and could be a news article, review, or even be giving advice such as a "How to" article! It must be original content and must not be copied from any other online sources (our editors will check). Providing the article goes live, you will be entered into the free prize draws and received a free Yoropen.

Just email us with your article at:

blog (AT) kjbeckett (DOT) com

Happy writing!

Terms and Conditions

By emailing KJ Beckett you are submitting your article /content , and you confirm that:

1. You agree to KJ Beckett publishing your article/content.
2. The article/content you have submitted is original and it is not copied from any other source. Please note our editors will check the main search engines for key sentences to identify uniqueness of content online.
3. You allow KJ Beckett to edit the article/content you have submitted where required.

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