Monday, 30 April 2007

Nixon Watches

So what do Bob Burnquist, Tony Hawk and Rick McCrank have in common?

Surely I must be on about their contribution to the modern art known as skateboarding?
Well, yeah, but I’m trying to make a dramatic point about their association with
Nixon, and no, not the President before you ask.

Nixon are at the height of fashion at the moment, what with timepieces being an important accessory for men, and with their varied styles of watch, there’s a style to suit any outfit, from their elite ‘The Automatic’ for formal wear, to ‘The Dork’ for the retro, preppy look.

With unique names associated with each models unique style, they will ultimately grab people’s attention, wherever you go, which is why
Nixon is the brand of choice for men that want to be noticed.

With regards to the host of extreme sports stars that lend their name to Nixon, this is testament to their practicality, as they are so well constructed that you can wear them while attempting a double kick-flip, and not have to worry about it. This is what adds to
Nixon’s attraction, the fact that when you buy one, you won’t have to replace it for quite a while.

Their style is so timeless, excuse the pun, it won’t go out of style, if at all, for quite some time, and coupled with their practicality and affordability, you should really see the purchase of a
Nixon as a venture into the world of quality timepieces, which would be a welcome addition to the wardrobe of any man.

Nixon Watches are available directly from
Nixon, or through online retailers such as BlackLeaf, Urban Chaos and Psyche.


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