Friday, 6 April 2007

Shaving Tips for Men

A good shave will keep you looking your best! A poor shave will not only make you look untidy; it will also make your skin feel harsh. Avoid rashes and cuts when shaving with some tips from MFB...

Pre-shaving advice

  1. Don’t shave directly after waking up in the morning. Leaving it 10 to 15 minutes will allow the puffiness in your skin (caused by fluid collection) to fade away, helping you to get a close shave.
  2. Before you shave, exfoliate! Use a facial cleanser or scrub to eradicate dead skin cells. This helps avoid ingrown hair. It also opens the pores of the skin in preparation for the shave.
  3. Shave under good conditions! Good lighting and a decent mirror (preferably a three-mirror setup).
  4. Wet your stubble with warm/hot water before shaving. This opens the pores and swells the hair shaft allowing the blade to cut the hair easier. Just after you have had a shower is the perfect time to shave.
  5. Thoroughly massage shave cream into stubble before you start your shave - this helps soften the stubble. Choose a vitamin E or aloe vera based shaving product that will help protect against razor rashes and burns.
  6. Use a brush to apply cream. The brush ensures a even spread and also lifts your hairs.
  7. For best results, use a pre-shave oil. This is not essential, but oil is a time-honored treatment for men with heavier beards or sensitive skin. Apply oil before shaving cream.
  8. Use sharp blades. Dull blades are responsible for most shaving cuts. Men end up dragging the razor over their face and catch skin with the rest of the beard. Keep razor blades sharp to avoid this...change blades after every two or three shaves.
  9. In addition, using a razor with multliple blades will assist in a closer shave.
Tips for during shaving

  1. Keep rinsing your razor blade in hot water whilst shaving. Rinse after each stroke.
  2. Use slow, short strokes during your shave. To get best results you should take your time as you shave.
  3. Shave with the grain (in the direction the hair grows) on your face! This is a key piece of shaving advice. Shaving against the grain of hair growth can cause redness, rashes, razor burn, cuts and ingrown hairs.
  4. Using a razor with a pivoting head allows you to shave better and smoother over and around bony places, curves, bumps and other angles of the face & body.
  5. Use one hand to hold the razor. Use the second hand to hold your skin taut.
Post-shaving advice

  1. When you’ve finished your shave, apply an oil-free moisturiser to soothe and protect your face. If you’re using an after-shave, check the label for alcohol. Alcohol based aftershave will sting and make your skin dry.
  2. Be careful of mentholated shaving products. Whilst they give a nice 'cool' sensation at first they can be irritating to the skin.

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