Saturday, 26 May 2007

Ben Sherman and Timothy Everest fight for little piece of Britain!

Leading men’s fashion designers Ben Sherman and Timothy Everest have joined a group of British New Yorkers’ (located in the vicinity of Greenwich Avenue and West 12th Street) campaigning to change the map of New York by introducing a new "Little Britain" neighbourhood in Manhattan.

The group, who are proposing the borough of Manhattan to formally recognise a new neighbourhood, are supported by a whole host of stars from the world of music and movies including Kiefer Sutherland, Lily Allen, Stephen Dorff, Joss Stone, Bryan Adams and many more…

In support, Ben Sherman have designed a 'Little Britain' t-shirt for the campaign launch. Likewise bespoke suit maker Timothy Everest is
behind the scheme calling for “overflow space”. Indeed New Yorkers buy almost as many bespoke suits from Savile Row tailors as the Brits do!

For more information about the Campaign For Little Britain click here.


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