Friday, 25 May 2007

Clinique – Basic Skin Care Products for Men

As part of the MFB focus on the benefits of Clinique for men, we have taken a look at the Clinique Basic Skin Care range. Clinique highlight the need for a 3-step face care routine. Step 1: Cleanse with bar or liquid soap. Step 2: Exfoliate with scruffing lotion. Step 3: Moisturise with lotion.

Here are the products Clinique offer for the perfect skin care routine for men…

Face Soap – An efficient way to remove oil and dirt. Clinique’s soap is gentle yet thorough and leaves skin feeling fresh but never too tight. Use Regular for normal to dry skin and; Extra-Strength for normal to oily skin.

Liquid Face Wash – A redidue-free formula from Clinque that leaves your skin feeling fresh and comfortable. Cleans in a gentle manner, and rinses away easily. Choose the Regular Strength formula for dry to normal skin; and Extra-Strength for normal to oily skin.

Scruffing Lotion – An important Clinique product that allows men to exfoliate. The Scruffing Lotion removes the daily build-up of dead skin flakes and control excess oil on the face. This lessens the chace of pore-clogging and breakouts. It is available in four strengths depending on
the type of face.

M Lotion – Soothing moisturising cream from Clinique to help keep skin good working condition. The formula soothes and relieves dryness, providing essential moisture to your face. Use this formula after using Scruffing Lotion to smoothing over the face and neck.

M Gel-Lotion – A lightweight, oil-free formula which hydrates and soothes. It helps relieve dryness and keeps men’s skin in good working condition. M Gel-Lotion is perfect for normal to oily skin. Like M Lotion, use after applying Scruffing Lotion.

Click here for information about the Clinique men's shaving range.


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