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Clinique for Men – Shaving Products

Clinique is the market leading in skin care. Clinique Skin Supplies for Men is a comprehensive range of shaving and skin care products that utilises the research of Clinique’s experienced dermatologists. MFB regard Clinique Skin Supplies for Men as the premier product range and recommend its use as second to none.

MFB highlights the entire line of Clinique Skin Supplies for Men below, listing the benefits of each product, and when to use them!

Clinique Pre-shave Products

Before you shave, clean your face!

Face Soap – An efficient way to remove oil and dirt. Clinique’s soap is gentle yet thorough and leaves skin feeling fresh but never too tight. Use Regular for normal to dry skin and; Extra-Strength for normal to oily skin.

Liquid Face Wash – This residue-free formula cleans gently and rinses off easily. Use Regular Strength for normal to dry skin; and Extra-Strength for normal to oily skin.

Face Scrub – Uses fine, non-abrasive grains that lift the beard hairs and help reduce ingrown hairs. Also helps unclog pours and dislodge dirt.

If you electric shave…

Electric Shave Primer – Softens the beard for a closer shave. Furthermore it holds moisture near the beard, leaving skin smooth. Apply this after you have used Clinique Face Scrub.

Clinique Shaving Products

Remember to wet shave during or after a shower to allow steam to soften the beard and make for a closer shave.

Soothing Shave Oil – Clinique offer a vitamin-rich oil that lifts the beard and reduces friction on the skin to prevent razor burn and leave skin feeling soft. It is possible to use this Clinique Shave Oil alone but more commonly it is used as an underlay to other shave products to cushion the skin.

M Shave Aloe Gel – An oil free gel that can be built into a rich lather and used to cushion the face from the razor. This product is more suited to normal to oily skin. For drier skins use Clinique’s Cream Shave.

Cream Shave – This product is lubricant-rich an ideal for drier skins. It stays at the beard roots and creates a cushion that ensures a smooth shave.

MFB recommend using M Shave Aloe Gel and Cream Shave with Clinique’s Soothing Shave Oil.

Post-Shave Products

Clinique offer a number of post-shave formulas to soothe razor burn, keeping your face smooth and clear. This ensures your next shave is even easier!

Post-Shave Soother (Beard Control Formula) – This Clinique post-shave product, suitable for all types of skin, promotes healing of small cuts and nicks. Clinique claim that over time it help make the beard’s hair softer for an easier shave. Use this product on the beard area only.

Post-Shave Soother (Anti-Blemish Formula) – Clinique’s skin-clearing product which helps reduce and prevent breakouts, keeping your face looking clear and looking good! Use this product on the beard area only.

Post-Shave Healer – Similar to the above post-shave products; reducing razor burn and repairing cuts and nicks from the shave.

M Lotion – Soothing moisturising cream to help keep skin good working condition. Use on the area of face you haven’t shaved.

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