Sunday, 13 May 2007

Shaving Advice: The most common mistakes men make when wet-shaving.

MFB have listed some of the most common mistakes men commit when shaving. Avoid these blunders at all costs to ensure a clean, close, cut free shave.

Shaving too fast

Take your time! If you shave at speed you will make mistakes and most likely cut yourself. Carefully control the razor across your skin. Give yourself a couple of extra minutes to shave… it will be worth it.

Using normal soap as shaving cream

Normal soap will dry the skin and doesn't soften the hairs on your face. This makes for a more difficult shave. Always opt for a shaving gel, cream or specialist shaving soap.

Shaving before a shower

Most men that do this think that they can clean their face (in the shower) after a shave and thus save time. However these men don’t benefit from the advantages a couple of minutes of pre-shave hot water exposure can give you. Indeed the shower’s steam softens the hair on your face making for an easier shave. Furthermore the heat opens and unclogs pours to clear away impurities. Plus an opened pore is much easier to shave!

Not cleaning the pre-shave face

Again, most men think they should clean their face after the shave. However by cleaning away dirt and grease before a shave, you remove a layer or barrier that would otherwise lie between your skin and the razor. Removing this unwanted layer on your skin gives a much closer shave. If you want to save some time, one tip is to clean your face whilst in the shower before you shave.


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