Monday, 28 May 2007

Shoe shine, sir? How to polish leather shoes.

The MFB guide to polishing your shoes to the same level of the armed forces!

  1. Wipe any dust off your shoes using a damp cloth which has been run under warm water.
  2. Take a soft cotton cloth or a fine, tightly packed bristle brush and apply a conservative amount of high quality polish to your shoe in a small circular movement; wrapping the cotton cloth around your finger, or evenly cover shoe with polish using the natural bristle brush.
  3. Leave the polish on the shoe for 2 to 3 minutes. This will help the shoe’s leather absorb the polish.
  4. Using a sprayer filled with water, spray a fine mist over the entire shoe until it is covered with tiny droplets of water. Then polish the shoe dry with the same bristle brush.
  5. It is important to build up the polish in fine layers, therefore repeat process 2 to 4 until you reach desired level of shine.
  6. Always keep the polish damp or it will dry out and not take to the shoe.
  7. Once finished wipe the shoe with a cotton ball soaked in cold water, or lightly buff with a cotton cloth.
  8. Leave shoes in a cold environment. Best to place them in a shoe box with lid.

Happy polishing!


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