Friday, 18 May 2007

Stylish Work Wear: 2007's Key Items

I’m sure every office has got them?
You know, the employee that rotates the same shirt and tie combinations every week with the same suit. But what does that say about them?
They’re stuck in a rut work wear wise, which can make their working persona seem inflexible, and dull.

The only way to get noticed is to mix it up (like a lot of things in life), so to keep employees guessing and make you stand out from the masses of M&S clad employees you need to introduce new elements into your work wear, or a total new look.

Luckily 2007 has seen the re-introduction of the ‘Preppy’ look and the inspiring classic English look to the catwalks which is ultimately great news as outfits such as this are smart enough to be considered stylish for the workplace, without getting you in trouble with the Boss.

The Grey Suit

Not everything in the world of business suits has to be dull.
A grey suit is a brilliant addition to your wardrobe, as it is just as sleek and versatile as its black equivalent, but less dull during those Winter months, as well as a lot cooler in the Summer months due to its lightweight cotton fabric.
This type of suit allows the wearer to ooze confidence and seem totally in-control in any situation, work or play.

V-Neck Sweater

The pinnacle of ‘Preppyness’, the V-neck sweater has been around for time, and yet still manages to be fashionable.
It’s also practical too, and can keep you warm during the Winter months when facilities forget to turn on the central heating.
Wear with a white collared shirt to create a streamlined and orderly look this year.

The Tweed Jacket

The Tweed jackets symbolizes the classic English gentleman, and as the style was a hit on the catwalks again this year, it seems a better time than ever to include a classic English piece to your wardrobe.
A brown wool jacket from a designer such as John Varvatos will impress your colleagues, as well as the ladies into thinking you own a Manor House out in the country and that ‘Making Deals’ is your middle name.
Wear with dark jeans to vamp up the image from Classic to Modern English gentleman, or wear with smart trousers for a look that’s anything but conventional.

Military Coat

Heck, we’ve all seen the Military style on the catwalk this year, but it’s not just there that it’s had an impact.
Additions such as a full-length Military coat from Costume National Homme to your work outfit not only make you look like you mean business, but are also practical by protecting you from the elements during those cold, dreary Winter months.

The Tartan Scarf

The perfect accessory for your work wardrobe, especially if it’s of this year’s trend, tartan.

Wear it as the Europeans do (by folding the scarf in half around your neck and pulling one side through the loop) to keep your look preppy, tasteful and work appropriate.
Traditional designs by Johnstons are a wonderful example of how this accessory adds a touch of class, what with the clever selection of primary colours and bold dark stripes.

Be careful though with what you wear it with, as there’s a fine line between ‘Decision Maker’ and ‘Lumberjack’.

With key items such as these from the 2007 collections, we’ve done the hard work for you, so all it needs for you is to get yourself down to the shops to earn that promotion we all know you deserve.


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