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An alternative to the Paul Smith wallet…does it exist?

Men's Fashion Blog loves Paul Smith! Look around the offices at KJ Beckett and you will see super sleek Paul Smith suits, stylish Paul Smith shoes, funky Paul Smith socks, and if you look hard enough, maybe even a pair of Paul Smith boxers! Indeed MFB are particularly drawn to the funky men's fashion brand that is Paul Smith. And why not, Paul Smith stands for cutting edge quality in the men's designer fashion world.

But what about the famous and much sought-after Paul Smith wallet? Is there an alternative that would tempt the guys from MFB to put their money, quite literately, elsewhere? We investigated the competition that Paul Smith wallets currently have…and created the definitive top 10 men’s wallets for 2007. Here's the countdown...

Ten: Mulberry Wallets

Mulberry is a famous British design label renowned world-wide for its craftsmanship and quality. The brand's backbone is an comprehensive line of luxury leather goods for men (and also women) that combine stylish, stand-out design with the finest leathers and precise detailing. A Mulbery wallet is the crème de la crème of leather wallets and any lucky owner of such an item is considered to be amongst the fashion elite!

Visit the official Mulberry website.

Nine: Ducti Wallets

Ducti wallets are some of the most impressive, wow-factor-packed items you can pull out of your pocket without being arrested! These heavy-duty duct tape wallets are much more durable than normal wallets, incredibly unique and what’s more, they cost next to nothing. MFB recommend Ducti wallets as great substitute to Paul Smith wallets for anyone looking to make a low cost fashion statement. Look out for the glow in the dark striped wallets!

To buy Ducti wallets click here.

Eight: Simon Carter Wallets

Simon Carter is a British designer, famous for his funky cufflinks that are sold in many leading stores worldwide, however his line of luxury, Italian made leather wallets are just as good. Using extremely soft nappa leather which feels fabulous to touch, Simon Carter's attention to detail is superb...indeed check out the inner lining of his comic-book wallets that feature a specially commisoned "Simon Carter comic strip".

To buy Simon Carter wallets click here.

Seven: Billabong Wallets

Australian surf brand Billabong offer an extensive range of wallets season after season. Whilst they offer some classic brown and black leather wallets, the most interesting examples are the Croc leather wallets (especially the current white Texas Croc leather wallet) and their interesting collection of low-cost canvas wallets. The designs are urban based and embody the spirit of surfing, offering a interesting way to carry your cash!
Buy Billabong wallets here.

Visit the official Billabong website.

Six: Stewart/Stand Wallets

Looking for innovative? Then choose a stainless-steel wallet from Stewart/Stand, a New York based design company that have come up with one of the most unique wallets MFB have ever seen! The stainless steel feels like silk, indeed paper is 1/3000 of an inch thick...the steel cloth used in these wallets are 3 times thinner again! Stewart/Stand offers pure stainless steel wallets but also leather wallets with stainless steel interior detail. Which ever you choose you know your friends won't have anything like it!

To buy stainless steel wallets click here.

Five: Bangers and Mash Wallets

Bangers and Mash wallets offer a similar concept to Paul Smith wallets by using photographic imagery to great effect on a printed canvas applied over leather. This has created a funky collection of men's wallets with some of the great designs including "Football", "Marbles", "Toy Soliders" and the excellent "Casino" wallet.

Four: Ted Baker Wallets

Ted Baker is the most popular lifestyle brand in the UK, and every season the company releases a myriad of luxury wallets for men. Particular favourites in 2007 include Inflect, a simple leather wallet that meets the classic man's requirements, but also Mooch and Johnny, which both offer dynamic printed leather interiors that are available in a range of colourways.

Click here to view the Ted Baker wallet collection.

Three: Launer Wallets

A million miles from a funky Paul Smith wallet, but if you’re looking for a simple and stylish leather wallet, made to the most exacting standards possible, then Launer wallets are for you. After receiving the Royal Warrant to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II for their handbags, Launer of London started to specialise in making their own branded goods, designed in-house. Launer wallets are handmade by skilled craftspeople in the softest calf leather and every attention is paid to detail of their luxurious wallets.

Click here for the Launer website.

Two: Paul Smith Wallets

It was also going to be at the top of the list...yes a Paul Smith wallet is probably the most luxurious wallet a man can own. Paul Smith wallets are quality, unique, stylish, funky...they truely are fabulous. Every season Paul Smith releases a eye-boggling line of colourful wallets with photographic imagery, colourful patterns and more. Like Mulbery and Launer wallets, expect to pay big bucks for a Paul Smith wallet, but it is worth it.

For more information about Paul Smith wallets click here.

One: J Fold Wallets

st beating Paul Smith to the number one spot is J. Fold Inc., makers of the most unique and colourful collection of leather wallets that you will ever see! The collection of men's wallets that J Fold offers is incredible, with some of the coolest colour combinations ever designed. Plus the collection is massive! With a RRP of £45 in the United Kingdom they are great value for money considering they use quality 100% top grain leather for all parts and come complete in a very nice presentation tin. Particular favourites include Loungemaster, JF Roadster and Jetstream JF.

Buy J Fold wallets online.

So thats it! The top 10 wallets for men in 2007. Paul Smith comes high (as might be expected) but it is clear there are many great alternatives for a man to carry in his back pocket.


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