Friday, 22 June 2007

The History of David Beckham's Hair: Part 1

MFB thought it was about time to look at the UK's most influential men's fashion icon in recent times ... David Beckham, and in particular David Beckham's hairstyles!

David Beckham changes his hairstyle more often than he changes his underwear! Indeed, since meeting the fashion conscious Victoria Adams (now his wife, Victoria Beckham), who has clearly molded his persona, David Beckham's hairstyle has been one of the most talked about things in the history of celebrity fashion.

We start off in the early days of David’s career, fresh out of the youth academy at Manchester United with this mainly un-styled, plain and simple look.
This was in keeping with the non-flash lifestyle Sir Alex Ferguson embedded into his upcoming youth team players, but little did he know this was the start of an extremely media-fuelled career.

As David’s career takes off due to often brilliant displays on the wing for Manchester United, his hairstyle begins to develop into a more slicker look as he discovers the joys of hair gel, prompting a deal with Brylcreem which increased their sales by 50%.

Flash back to the 1995/1996 English Premier League season, and to David Beckham’s famous goal scored from the half way line over a helpless Neil Sullivan in goal for Wimbledon.

This is the point where David Beckham’s career really took off as he was sprung into the media spotlight for showcasing his footballing talent, and as a result of this, his hair undertook a dramatic change with the inclusion of blonde highlights: the mark of an upcoming Superstar.

David Beckham shocked the nation with his next style taking him from media sweetheart to that of one with attitude, and promoted Barbers to up their prices for one of the simplest hairstyles in existence: the shaved head.

Hiding the ‘new do’ under a woolly hat during a Manchester United training session, David caused a media panic after a team-mate jokingly removed it revealing it to the World, causing newspapers to displace headlines just to cover it.

Next up in the collection is the possibly the one Golden Ball’s will look back on and think ‘Maybe that wasn’t a good idea.’ Yep, you’ve guess it, the mini-Mohawk.

This monstrosity of a haircut was devised shortly after David’s shaved look grew back, and prompted armies of men to copy it, creating possibly the largest fashion disaster in the history of the World.

After the success and shock factor of the mini-Mohawk, David toned it down a little and went for something less shocking with this short, darker spiked haircut.

Next up for Mr. Beckham in the Summer of 2002 was my personal favourite, the blonde, longer Mohawk. Heck, I enjoyed it so much, even I sported it for a while!

Looking much like a blonde shark, Beck’s led England to the Quarter-Finals of the World Cup Final’s, narrowly losing to the eventual winners Brazil.

After the disappointment of the World Cup, David decided to go for the European look, and grew his hair much longer, often sporting it with a continental hair band, making an item normally seen in Fame (I want to Live Forever) fashionable once again.

Blatantly annoyed with his hair always being in his eyes, Beck’s decided to cause mass media frenzy once again with a style most often seen in the Caribbean. Enter the famous cornrow hairstyle, so famous in fact that Nelson Mandela requested to meet Beck’s and the England squad during this period.
Was this influenced by this famous hairstyle? Who knows!

Check back here soon for the second part of David Beckham's Hair History, only here at MFB!


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