Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Paul Smith Socks vs Duchamp Socks – The Battle of the Socks

KJ Beckett have picked two of the leading British men’s fashion accessory designers; Paul Smith and Duchamp; and compared their men’s sock collections, putting them head-to-head in the ultimate men’s sock review of 2007! Which sock was the softest? Which sock was the most comfortable? Who had the best designs? Read on to find out…

Paul Smith Socks

Made in Italy and generally of mercerised cotton (although some pairs are high percentage wool), there’s no surprises that Paul Smith’s current sock collection is an impressive sight to all but the hardest of fashion connoisseurs. To ensure quality, Paul Smith opts for a high mix of cotton in his 2007 collection, with percentages reaching up to 100% but generally 80% mercerised cotton, mixed with polyamide.

Designs for this season include “Concertina” stripes, “Checker board”, Contrast heel and toe, dot socks, plus, our current favourite, Pencil flower socks. Of course the signature Paul Smith striped sock design is not forgotten also. As KJ Beckett have found with most designer socks, care should be taken in washing Paul Smith socks because we have noted shape is not fully retained when washed at “normal” temperatures. KJ Beckett recommend a low temperature was to keep your Paul Smith socks looking great wash after wash.

So Paul Smith socks are great, there's no argument there, but does Paul Smith win the “Battle of the Socks” in 2007?

Duchamp Socks

Well the answer is no! For us there was only going to be one winner between Paul Smith and Duchamp in 2007. As soon as we saw the eye-boggling socks collection at Duchamp we knew we were in sock heaven…a psychedelic sock heaven to be exact!

Duchamp is a world leader in men's accessories, with particular popularity due to it's funky and colourful silk ties that are instantly recognisable. The Duchamp socks collection holds true to the look and feel of the designs established by the luxury tie range. Indeed "Floral Check" socks, "Diamond Harlequin", "Linked Honeycomb" and "Overlapping Paisley" socks are bold and very beautiful.

The RRP for Duchamp socks
is £15 a pair, and like Paul Smith, you are generally paying for unique designs and branding. Whilst the quality of the high content cotton socks is good, care needs to be taken during washing to ensure the shape of your designer socks are retained. Click here to buy Duchamp socks.

Other leading socks...

Whilst Duchamp and Paul Smith make a good luxury sock, they are by no means the only option. KJ Beckett have listed another top 5 socks that deserve your consideration:

Five: Burlington Socks - German sock maker Burlington is renowned for its extensive collection of argyle socks available in a myriad colours! From business to funky to casual, there is a everyone should have at least one argyle sock in their sock drawer!

Click here to buy Burlington socks.

Four: Pantherella Socks - Pantherella are a strong British brand, making men's socks of the highest quality since 1937. Pantherella are are specialists in manufacturing socks using luxury fibres and offering hand linked toe seams to ensure the make-up of the sock is second to none. All Pantherella socks are made in England in their factory in Leicester. Click here to buy Pantherella socks online.

Four: Brora Socks - Founded by Victoria Stapleton, Brora was established in 1993 with the aim of giving classic Scottish cashmere a contemporary twist and creating a wide collection of Cashmere socks in unique colours.
Click here to visit Brora online.

Four: Corgi Socks - UK sock company Corgi, started making socks in 1893 and today hold a Royal Warrant for their quality hosiery. Corgi's casual cotton socks are renowned for their comfort and softness which makes them expensive (RRP £14) but worth every penny.
KJ Beckett recommend contrast heel and toe Corgi socks which are made in England.

One: Dore Dore Socks - Every season Doré Doré, one of Europe's top manufacturers of finest quality hosiery since 1819, make the most interesting collection of socks you can buy. The collection beats Paul Smith and Duchamp hands down! Colour, quality, fit...Dore Dore has eveything! Dore Dore socks are available in some of the world's most famous establishments including Selfridges and Harrods.
Click here to buy Dore Dore socks online.


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