Saturday, 2 June 2007

Shaving Advice for Men from Clinique

MFB have listed some of the best shaving strategies, as recommended by Clinique (2007).
  • Skip shaving days when possible. This gives your skin a chance to rest.

  • Alternate between a razor and electric shaver.

  • Look for shaving products that are formulated to help make beard hair softer and finer. This makes it easier to cut through the hair when you shave.

  • Apply moistorising lotion several minutes prior to shaving.
  • Use a fresh razor blade thus allowing you to apply minimal pressure.

  • Reduce friction on the skin by using a rich lather.

  • Avoid foams that are high in surfactants (lathering agents).
  • Choose low-alcohol or “buffered” alcohol shaving products containing:
    - anti-irritants;
    - barrier restoratives;
    - antioxidants
    - aloe (to soothe minor nicks and cuts).

  • Wait a few minutes before splashing on fragrance.

Reference: Clinique (2007), “Practive Safe Shaving”, Clinique Skin Supplies for Men – Product Guide, London.

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