Monday, 25 June 2007

Storage Tips: So easy, even we can do it Gents.

So you’ve bought the latest designer threads, and accessories and you’re looking the business, but to continue looking that way, you really have to store them properly to keep them, and you looking at your best.

This is an area where a lot of men drastically fail, and with a bit of help, those expensive items can last for years if properly stored away in the off-season.

To start off, there are three important areas to remember when storing clothes: Clean, Protect and Organise.


Quite a simple thing to remember to do before you store your clothes away eh? Wrong.
So many men forget to do this before they put them into storage, it’s unreal.

Clothes are extremely susceptible to bugs and mites, especially when dirty.
Remember, just because not all stains are visible, doesn’t mean they’re not there to haunt you when you pull your favourite cashmere sweater out of storage a few months later, only to find out its ruined, making it a very costly mistake to make.

Best bet is to wash them, or better still, dry-clean them before storage, even if you think they don’t need it.


So you’ve taken the first step to making sure your garments are clean as a whistle before storage, but it doesn’t stop there. Even clean garments need protection, and this comes in the form of wood.
Yep, you read it correctly, wood.

The most commonly effective form of wood to use to protect garments during storage is Cedar.

Cedar provides a fresh scent which that not only repels bugs and mites, but also absorbs abrasive odours from your laundry basket or that over-used gym bag.

Cedar products are available in several forms for protecting your clothes, which include hang-ups for closets, blocks for drawers and containers and cedar hangers which can be used for coats and suits.

They’re available from any good department store near you and the rubbish ones too.

Second in the laws of protection is the location of the storage.

Protection is best carried out in dark, cool, dry and well ventilated places.
Without these 4 conditions, clothes can become faded, damaged, mouldy, and musty, much like the smell associated with old people.

So, just be strategic in storing your garments in the proper places and with the proper protection to guarantee their longevity.


The final key to storing your clothes in the off-season is proper organisation, taking your clean clothes and your protective elements and applying them together.

Organisation doesn’t just mainstream your wardrobe; it also adds extra protection by storing similar garments together.

For example, the storage of hanging items in natural cotton garment bags allows you to store similar items in the same area, but it also blocks light and provides a breathable barrier for clothes to maintain them in a safe, clean and easy to locate environment.

Don’t forget about storage boxes though, as several of these add extra order and flexibility in storing items in locations such as under the bed and can also add structure to your wardrobe.

Just remember, organisation can add simplicity to life, so why not add it to your wardrobe?

Just taking into account the 3 simple steps of clean, protect and organise allows you to play the game of fashion more successfully, especially as you’ll now stand out from the crowd in your well cared for garments, making the little time and effort put into the process a lot more rewarding.


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