Thursday, 5 July 2007

Paul Smith Wallets

Paul Smith wallets are the most sought-after wallets in the United Kingdom. If you’re buying a Paul Smith wallet for own use, you are definitely giving yourself a treat. If you’re buying one for another person, they must be a very special man indeed! There is no doubt Paul Smith wallets look stunning … but it is not just the unique nature of his wallets that drive the public crazy … it is the entire Paul Smith brand and its history. MFB investigate…

History of Paul Smith

Paul Smith's early ambition was to become a cyclist but an accident at the age of 17 put stop to that. Whilst in hospital following his accident, Paul Smith met a group of artists who opened him up to a new world that inspired him to become a fashion designer. Indeed in 1970, at the age of 24, Paul Smith opened his first fashion boutique in Nottingham, and by 1976 he had shown his first menswear collection in Paris.Paul Smith has become a global phenomenon. Indeed the designer brand now spans 12 collections, selling everything from jeans and accessories to high-end fashion and furniture. There are also 14 Paul Smith stores in Britain and over 200 in Japan.Despite the enormous success many things have remained the same. Indeed Paul Smith retains an integral role in the company, as both designer and chairman, and his unique designs continue to combine sharp looks with a genuinely offbeat sense that's unmistakably English. Walk into one of Paul Smith's shops and you probably come across his personal collection of art, or an array of antiques and other unique objects, all examples of a personal touch that is so lacking in many other large fashion houses.

Paul Smith Wallet

MFB have selected a few of our favourite Paul Smith wallet designs to highlight the unique nature of this luxury men's accessory.
Naked Lady

This is the most impressionable image thought of when Paul Smith comes up in conversation.

The wallet that everyone remembers due to its cheeky design depicting a nude lady is one of Paul Smith’s best selling products since the start of his label in 1970.

The buxom brunette, pictured kneeling naked and holding a red telephone, is the favourite model of Archie Dickens, who works from his small studio in West Wickham.

The 94-year-old pensioner initially sold the illustration to an American collector who then sold it on to Sir Paul Smith for use in his products, giving Paul Smith an untimely classic.

The Mini

The traditional Paul Smith branding, coupled with one of England’s most recognisable icons gives us the popular Mini wallet sold by Paul Smith.

With the outer of the wallet showing its ‘work’ side which is made from fine Italian leather, and its playful side with the striped Mini image on the inside, this wallet is perfect for the Gentleman who loves cars.


The unforgettable image of Paul Smith branding makes its way entirely onto a wallet with this design.

Incorporating unmistakable Englishness augmented by the unexpected, this design is for the Gentleman that likes to portray their unique side, while letting people know he is accustomed to the famous Paul Smith brand and all it stands for.

Rope Stitched

One of Paul Smith’s newest collections, the ‘Rope Stitched wallet’ moves away from the iconic Paul Smith branding and moves onto bolder colours,

Whilst still incorporating the feel of the classic Paul Smith wallet, the larger branding in the corner of the wallet still lets people know that the Gentleman owner is apart of one of the World’s most stylish labels.


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