Wednesday, 22 December 2010

denisononboston: A Designer Destined for Big Things!

Founded in 2003 by British designer Jonathan Boston, luxury accessory brand Denisonboston has steadily built a reputation of originality and high quality design, culminating in winning Best men’s accessories category at the British fashion export Awards in 2008.

Denisonboston’s signature design is a combination of hard enamelling and stainless steel, creating modern and slick designs for the urban and fashionable man. Architectural, modernist and contemporary – Denisonboston accessories tick all the right boxes for today’s modern man.

A forward thinking brand, Denisonboston’s focus on modernist design creates distinctive collections of cufflinks, tie clips and collar stays. More recently Denisonboston have launched an Italian made socks and silks collection in six distinctive designs, all with the recognisable Denisonboston style of contemporary cool.

Having supplied Denisonboston to hundreds of customers for a number of years KJ Beckett is really excited to showcase the new Autumn Winter Denisonboston accessories range. The new collection includes ties and matching handkerchiefs along with beautiful silk scarves and bold new socks in amazing and bold colours.

This season, Denisonboston’s black stripe silk scarf is the perfect accessory for any men needing to look suited and booted this winter. For those of you looking for something a bit more lavish. the Stealth Stripe Gold cufflinks are both retro and modernist and make a real luxury statement.

Exciting times are ahead for Denisonboston and we here at KJ Beckett can’t wait to see the new and amazing accessories that Denisonboston come up with next!

Dress for a Christmas Party - Christmas Party Style for Men

How to dress for Christmas parties? Hmmm, well unless it’s new years eve definitely avoid a santa hat or a comedy Christmas jumper because it’ll make you look a) deeply unsexy and b) like a creepy uncle no matter how lovely I’m sure you really are. So here are a few tips on how to dress for a Christmas party that will keep you going throughout the festive season – and hopefully get you a few festive kisses from the girls!

What you can do at Christmas is add a bit of a flourish with some key accessories, if there’s any season to embrace a bit of flamboyance, it’s the festive season. For a casual afternoon soiree, just add a bit of va va voom to a classic of jeans and T with wintery boots and a light wool jumper. Add a great woolly hat to keep you warm and a cool scarf that can be worn both outdoors and indoors. We are talking casual here, so the more crumpled the scarf the better. Simply throw it around your neck in a loop and away you go. Try bright clashing colours for a nod towards the Italian cool look.

We can’t talk about men’s Christmas party style without mentioning the biggest party of them all; New year’s eve. If you are attending a black tie event, then a beautiful suit is the way to go. One of the sleekest looks is to wear a slim fitting well cut suit with a crisp white shirt and a matching tie. Colourful suits are totally on trend this year with celebs like Mark Ronson and Robert Pattinson showcasing dapper slick styles.

Be bold and try midnight blue or deep burgundy but be sure to match the tie for an absolutely slick look. Consider some cufflinks that tone in with the suit. Men’s Christmas party style can easily go wrong so remember this is a chic look and every detail must tone in to create a gorgeous silhouette. No comedy reindeer ties. That won’t entice the ladies. Keep it sleek, clean and little bit interesting. That’s a little bit.

Good luck, merry Christmas from everyone at KJ Beckett and enjoy those festive parties!

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Energie Accessories: Review and Alternatives

Initially started in Italy in 1983 by Rome based Wicky Hassan, popular denim brand Energie originally focused just on clothes but more recently have recognised the ever growing trend in men’s fashion for cool urban accessories. Energie really came into their own from 1989 when Renato Rossi was brought on board and the signature Energie style of urban cool really started to show. Energie’s focus on research has meant an emphasis on materials and quality that really shines through in their design and accessories.

Energie accessories include all the men’s classic items of bags, wallets, belts hats and scarves as well as some more unusual pieces such as foulards and braces. The Energie desire to create something which is new and innovative creates a strong denim and urban style that also hints as vintage textures. The Autumn Winter 2010 range of Energie accessories for men focuses on an edgy hip style, taking inspiration from a wide range of sources such as 80’s rock music, the city streets and the army.

Other men’s fashion brands which have also recognised the desire by men for fresh, design led accessories are top-end high street names such as Ted Baker, Fred Perry, French Connection and Diesel. For example, the on-trend lifestyle focus of Diesel accessories has really tapped into the need for cool on trend accessories. Still on trend but taking a more classic retro tinged edge, Fred Perry bring preppy cool to their selection of accessories of satchel bags, belts and wallets.

We are in a really exciting time for men’s accessories, and the chilly weather is the perfect time to check out the best of this season’s hats, scarves, ties and belts to keep you tucked in warm, looking stylish and on trend.

Bow Ties are Cool: Matt Smith Doctor Who's Bow Tie Wearing Hero

Ever since the 11th Doctor Who landed on our screens with his dapper dress style, bow ties have been catapulted from the dregs of tie wear to the forefront of on-trend shirtdress. Since the 11th series, sales of ‘Doctor Who’ bow ties have driven up dramatically. Mens luxury accessories company KJ Beckett has experienced a surge of interest in their bow tie selection and high street retailer Topman has seen a massive increase of sales by over 300%!

The doctor is seen as having a real love for his bow ties, wearing them alongside slim shirts and braces in reds and blues and always with his world weary tweed and elbow patched jacket. Matt Smith style intertwines closely with that of the doctors; dandy yet masculine dressing with slicked back hair and skinny suits. Smith, the doctor and their bow ties have brought back geek chic.

Many of our heroes both past and present, fictional and non-fictional have also reached for the individualism of wearing a bow tie. At times, the image of the bow tie conjures up an array of fashion savvy heroes such as fearless James bond or classic stars like frank Sinatra.

Historic leaders Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt created positive associations of the bow tie in their old-fashioned gentlemanly ways in the mid 19th Century and Churchill was often photographed in a rather natty polka dot tie.

Of course, when worn by Hollywood pin ups from the past such as Humphrey Bogart or today’s Gossip Girl lothario Chuck Bass, the bow tie takes on a more playful devil may care attitude of a cad about town. Who thought the bow tie could be sexy!

Upping the coolness factor of bow ties is that of TV character Brother Mouzone from The Wire. Always seen in a suit and bow tie, this New York hitman manages to make bow ties appear both dangerous and edgy – no mean feat!

This season ‘Matt Smith’ bow ties are the fashion accessory of the fashion forward gent who isn’t afraid to make a statement and as the doctor likes to say in his first series “bow Ties are cool” and we couldn’t agree more- bow ties are cool!

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Top 5 Most Fashionable Men Part 2: Most Fashionable Man

The time has come to unveil our number 1 man of the fashion moment! In keeping with the ethos that fashion is of the moment, no man is perhaps more ‘of the moment’ in the British music industry than that of super producer and now, super fashionable Mark Ronson.

Steadily becoming a style icon, last year Ronson was chosen by GQ as the most stylish man of 2009. With a crossover appeal that is both urban and genteel, Ronson has a way of dressing that is refreshingly contemporary and manages to maintain an amazing personal style that goes from the debonair to street whilst always looking distinctly current.

Ronson is often seen out and about in a 1960’s inspired slim pencil thin suit, skinny tie worn with white trainers or smart lace up shoes. The suits are bespoke and often worn in deep shades and the entire look is worn with a real energy and a hint of a debonair gentlemen.

Not afraid to take a risk, Ronson happily references hip-hop roots with a bit of bling on occasion. A gold satin Dolce and Gabbana suit worn in a fashion shoot in 2008 introduced us to a side of Ronson that showed he isn’t afraid have some fun with fashion. And this fun is not just with colours but also with patterns and fabrics, Ronson even manages to make a velvet suit seem hip and on trend!

Always immaculate in whatever look he chooses to step out in, the fashion world has started to sit up and take notice. Earlier this year Ronson designed a limited edition exclusive sneaker range for Gucci to great success. The essence of London style, Ronson is hip, on trend, quirky, cool and confident. Our number one most fashionable man of the moment.

Christmas Gifts for Men – Get The Right Xmas Gifts for Every Man

This year avoid the crowds and head straight for the ease of shopping online for all your christmas gifts for men. A glass of something mulled and you are ready to go! Have no fear ladies - here is our ultimate guide to the best in christmas gifts for men!

You can never go wrong with picking a gorgeous accessory; practical, unique, and able to be tailored to each persons taste. What more could you want!
Christmas Gifts for boyfriends are perhaps the most tricky to find; you need something special, luxurious and personal. Phew! Independent label Dosh has created sleek and environmentally friendly card holders which is a great idea for the slick and green man. Doshs’ designs are modern and urban as well as having an amazingly soft feel to them – and are completely recyclable! For a boyfriend that fancies a little bit of bling, try quirky independent label Tyler & Tyler whose array of naughty card holders and sexy floral cufflinks will be just right for any cheeky chaps out there!
For the older gent, a bit of sophistication in the form of a classic item like a gorgeous leather wallet or a well fitting pair of gloves is needed, and designer brand Ted Baker is absolutely brilliant for this kind of thing. Try their snug and stylish Robusta gloves for a brilliant christmas gift for a man with subtle taste. For a bit of warmth French connection's lovely blue patterned scarf is just right for a bit of seasonal cheer - as well as being a fabulous christmas gift for stylish men of all ages.
Christmas gifts for younger men couldn't be easier with the amazing selection of lifestyle brands that are now so accessible. Check out Rip Curl's beanie hats, great for the colder weather and completely on trend is their Army hung up beanie. For those who need something to finish off a street look then the Grey ripziss trapper hat adds a bit of luxe. My personal favourite christmas gift this season is the Nixon Rubber player watches which come in an amazing array of colours. Choose Gunship for the understated man in your life or purple and orange for those playful chaps!
Finally, if you have the budget and really want to spoil your someone special, then premium brand San Babila has a Cognac leather travel bag that will make a seriously luxurious gift. Italian crafted and gorgeously sumptuous as well as having a whole load of compartment features. Or for a man that loves his fashion, Vivienne Westwood enamelled and swarovski cufflinks are definitely worth a look.
With this many ideas – finding christmas gifts for men couldn't be easier!

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Don Draper Style: Get the Mad Men Look

Donald ‘Don’ Draper, the fictional creative advertising head and lead character of the Emmy award winning hit series ‘Mad Men’ has amassed an astounding popularity with both viewers and the fashion pack alike. The Mad Men style that can be seen in the series has wowed the fashion world with its beautiful 1960’s styling. Set in the early 1960’s when gratuitous consumerism was just starting to take off and sexual politics were rife in the workplace, the Mad Men fashion takes us back to a time of classic groomed tailoring. The anti- hero of the show played by Jon Hamm, encompasses the changing times of this era in both character and style.

Viewers have been attracted to the simple grown up dressing of this 1960’s down town Manhattan life, so much so that Don Draper style is now seen as being highly influential in the style industries. So what is Don Draper style? It is a look that is one of 1960’s masculine authority and that exudes power and confidence. The power and sway of the mad men style can be seen in the cross-over of the character of character and the actor, with Hamm now seen as a style icon in his own right.

All the iconic men’s fashions of the 1960’s can be seen in the show where Don Draper’s style is captured in classily cut suits, sometimes in a grey square pattern, high waisted trousers worn over shiny click black shoes and finished with a just seen gentlemanly pocket square. A crisp white shirt, slim sober tie and collar bar would complete this Don Draper look. If you are wondering why the 1960’s Mad Men style is so appealing, it is this; timeless investment pieces with suave masculine touches, classic and authorative.

For a touch of this classic 1960’s Don Draper style, men’s accessories designer Michelsons’ offer simple silk handkerchiefs that can be turned into the classic pocket square. Look to British brand denisonboston for a pair of beautiful gold 60’s inspired cufflinks for another way to show just a hint of that polished Mad Men style. Don’t forget the woollen grey overcoat and black umbrella though!

Friday, 19 November 2010

Comic Book T-Shirts: Get the Retro T-Shirt Look!

Long gone are the days when comic books were for geeks, nowadays it seems everyone knows their Green Hornet from their Green Lantern or at least they give that impression! One way to show your knowledge of the comic book world is to wear it on your t-shirt! To help you pick out the coolest and most unique comic book t-shirts, we have a quick run-down of the hippest designs and brands around.

Perhaps the most infamous of all comic book t-shirts are the superman t-shirt and the batman t-shirt, iconic characters of the superpower world. Most of these comic book t-shirt designs are known as mock-costumes, where the t-shirt is designed to resemble that of the actual comic book character. Check out these cool versions on KJ Beckett; the distressed black batman t-shirt for a more worn look. Or if you fancy working on those superpowers, this bright blue superman t-shirt.

Another style of comic book t-shirt is that of using specific character images and one company whose designs do this particularly well is that of cult brand ‘Junk food’. This retro blue batman man t-shirt is one of our favourites, or if you fancy a more vintage feel, this grey superman t-shirt is fab. Using old school graphics, Junk Food also use the design of taking comic book strips or panels with this trendy superman t-shirt.

The brand ‘Urban Species’ have a great urban approach to their designs that are both contemporary yet still instantly recognisable in their use of classic comic book symbols. Their graffiti style superman t-shirt is an amazing take on comic book art.Also their amazing street art batman t-shirt in a white graffiti style is really innovative.

So next time you a stylish t coming your way, you know for sure it isn’t a bird or a plane design but a seriously fashion forward comic book t-shirt!

Top 5 Most Fashionable Men Part 1: Numbers 5 to 2

In a celebration of all things on trend, we are taking a look at the men we deem most fashionable and it seems fitting that all 4 of our fabulous men (you’ll have to wait until later in the week for number 1! ) are actually Brits. The quirky, snappy and ultimately individual way of dressing that is unique to those that we view as fashionable is unmistakably inherent to us Brits. Let’s not get confused, these are the most fashionable men, not the most stylish or influential but those men who are on trend and who set the trends in their own original, confident and charismatic way. So here we go!

No 5: No top 5 of fashionable men would be complete without our much loved football fashion pin-up, David Beckham. Consistently on trend, Beckham shows us how to be both fashionable and masculine. These days his style has toned down from the somewhat outlandish (anyone remember the man-sarong?) to a classic yet still completely bang up to date look. Loose jeans, great T-shirts and always a good jacket and pair of trainers are the Beckham daily uniform. Dinner and drinks are always enjoyed with a gorgeously cut suit often in slightly adventurous finishes such as a sheen or silk. Beckham is fashion royalty.

No 4: Heartthrob to the teenage masses, our favourite teenage vampire, actor Robert Pattinson has his own modern rock star look. His careless dress of loose fit jeans, checked shirts with light jersey hooded tops and high tops is one which many a man wish to emulate. On the red carpet Pattinson manages to translate this casual look into his own distinct style of suit dress. Slim fit suits and skinny ties with just a hint of bad boy in the messed up hair and none too careful top knot makes Pattinson the epitome of laid back lad about town.

No 3: Actor Ed Westwick who plays unruly playboy Chuck Bass of Gossip Girl has taken on some of his character’s suave, moneyed style in his own debonair English way. Open necked T’s or shirts to show a flash of chest, colourful slim fit cords and casual blazers. Westwick makes a nod to the dandy with the occasional silk scarf, silver pendant and pair of daps or boat shoes. One to watch.

No 2: The don of tight jeans and Cuban heels, comedian and actor Russell Brand’s offbeat and slightly camp style of dressing is that of a man confident in his own skin. What is so wonderful about Brand is that he emits absolute self-assurance, so sure is he of himself and this undoubtedly plays out in his clothes. Slim fit T’s low at the neck, skinny black girls jeans worn with plenty of necklaces and bracelets is not a look that many men could master but Brand carries it off with aplomb. Absolutely magnificent.

No1: ...You’ll have to keep an eye out later this week!

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

John Smedley Accessories: New at KJ Beckett

With the cold nights drawing in, our minds are not far from the accessories we need to keep us ticked up safe and warm. One brand that will allow both comfort and style is that of iconic luxury knitwear company, John Smedley. Originally set in the Derbyshire countryside, John Smedley has a 225 year heritage that shows in the craftsmanship of their designs. In 1784, the original John Smedley and Peter Nightingale set about building their knitwear company, showing innovation from the out by setting up spinning, knitting and manufacturing practises all in one mill. The focus on quality has remained through the years and today John Smedley are recognised as creating some of the best knitted tailoring in the UK.

A past as rich and as long means that John Smedley have had to adapt to changes over the years, creating an ability to be truly innovative in design and fabric. Integrating the traditional with the modern means that John Smedley accessories are both high quality in finish and contemporary in design. John Smedley can also proudly say that their garments and accessories are made in England, an idea that sits comfortably with their ethos of recognising how cultural influences seep into their designs. In uncertain times, we can find comfort in the confident design and classic luxury that John Smedley offers.

This years John Smedley winter collection continues to break new ground with textural and colourful designs. KJ Beckett is thrilled to be able to offer a beautiful selection of John Smedley accessories, and is also proud to be working with such an important heritage brand.

For a classic yet contemporary look this winter, the John Smedley scarf is made of a beautiful and soft merino wool which will keep you warm, toasty and smart looking whether you’re wearing casual jeans or a sharp suit. In subtle and understated colours, you can also pick up the Taurus wool beanie hat and for the particularly suave of you, the wool bow tie and wool tie finish off a gorgeously sumptuous and dapper winter look. You will also be in great company as local Brit celebrities such as Tim Lovejoy and X factor heartthrob Matt Cardle have already been seen out in John Smedley this winter!

Wall Street 2: Get the Gordon Gekko Power Look!

No film is perhaps as symbolic of the greed and excess of the wealthy 1980’s than that of ‘Wall Street’ where in 1987, Michael Douglas introduced the world to the villainous corporate raider, Gordan Gekko. Playing on the archetypal Wall street image of a powerful suave man, the film’s stylist Ellen Mirojnik created the power-dressing look for men of the 80’s and so Gordan Gekko fashion was born. Bright leather tabbed braces, shirts with colour contrast collars worn with slicked back hair became the look to emulate for business men working on the real-life Wall Street.

Fast forward to today and Gordan Gekko fashion has returned to our screens, but this time bringing a whole new look, that of Street 2 fashion. This time, it is the character of trader ‘Jake Moore’ (Shia Leboeuf) who presents an entirely new take on power-dressing for the moneyed man of the noughties, creating a whole new Wall Street 2 style. This time our hero is dressed in sharp lines, closely fitted to the body using beautifully strong, sleek cuts for a Wall Street 2 fashion that is slick, modern and commanding. The clothes worn by the character of Moore represent that of a man who is hungry for success, one who is confident and powerfully masculine. Crisp tailored shirts and a sleek strong silhouette show a man that cares about his look and has the expensive watch and ego to match.

If you take a walk on the sidewalks of the financial cities of the world, you will see Wall Street 2 style all around; sharp suits, sleek cufflinks, tie pins and smart loafers. Accessorized with ego and attitude, Gordan Gekko fashions are designed to be worn by men who thrive on the thrill of money. As the film states, when fashion and finance come together, money never sleeps.

Friday, 12 November 2010

J. Fold: The Original Sports Wallet!

New York based accessories company J Fold’s star is on the rise. Since their launch in 2003 with the now infamous product line ‘The Original Sports Wallet’ – they have steadily garnered a name for themselves as the go-to brand for the stylish mans wallets and bags.

The company’s superstar status has been galvanised by a following that includes the likes of Justin Timberlake, Bruce Willis and Snoop Dogg. J Fold’s celebrity fan base gives just an inkling of how distinctive these products are. The quality of the 100% top full grain leather used for the wallets is matched only by the robustness of the military based formulation of wax coated cotton for their bag collection.

Designed to age naturally, both the wallets and bags have a rugged appeal which make J Fold’s products one of the most hotly sought after accessories brand of the moment. It also doesn’t hurt that the prices are wallet friendly! Recently they have diversified into laptop and passport carriers making them a must have item for both professionals and creative’s.

The success of the brand is the focus on top quality and appealing design and the UK market has been quick to take note at just how brilliant the J-Fold aesthetic is. Online men’s retailers such as KJ Beckett are now stocking a selection of the brands wallets for those in the know who want a little flash with their cash!
J Fold has managed to create men’s accessories that are unique and luxurious yet totally masculine. Now boasting one of the widest ranges of men’s wallets, the brands’ use of textured leather, contrasting interiors and muted yet fresh colours means that their appeal to those looking for something a little more creative and bold than the usual design.

Friday, 29 October 2010

Belstaff Bags - Hollywood and Belstaff

Founded in Staffordshire in 1924 with a line of waterproof jackets, Belstaff became the first ever company to use a waxed cotton which created a waterproof yet breathable fabric. This technical focus continued and the brand moved on to make jackets for those in need of hard-wearing materials. This included aviators, soldiers and in particular bikers. Over the years, the Belstaff biker jacket has become synonymous with the brand with items such as the Trialmaster and L500 versions now seen as collector’s items.

Although the brand was known for its technical expertise, Belstaff started to fall in popularity in the early 90’s alongside the decline of the textile industry in the UK at that time. However, the vision of Italian creative designer Frances Malenotti, taken on in 1996 helped pull the company from the brink. With Malenotti at the helm, the first ever Belstaff bag and Shoe’ division was created, Belstaff bags took off across European markets and quickly became a resounding success helping to bring the Belstaff name back to the fore.

At the same time a Hollywood love affair was about to be born as Belstaff’s profile was now on the rise in America and this adoration for the brand still continues today. In particular the film studios have taken Belstaff to their heart with the brand being requested for an awe-inducing list of films including; ‘Batman Begins’, ‘Ocean’s Twelve’ and ‘The Aviator’ with Leonardo Dicaprio. The Belstaff bag worn by Will Smith in ‘I am Legend’ became incredibly popular with both celebrities and the public.

The brand has also garnered a strong celebrity fan base with actors such as Brad Pitt and George Clooney and model Kate Moss seen out the label. Now recognised as a British Heritage brand, Belstaff has once more risen to the top and intends to stay there, with Hollywood by their side.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Stanley Lewis Tie and Socks: Alternatives with Matching Accessories

Stanley Lewis may have only been founded in 2008 but the company is already carving a unique name for itself in the luxury tie and socks market. Founded upon the notion that men often let down a sharp suited look by a pair of mismatched socks, the brand went about creating matching designer tie and sock sets. Based on the Stanley Lewis ethos that there should be balance in both life and wardrobe, the innovative designs available at enable an elegant pairing of the tie and socks in an unusual yet beautifully subtle way. Both Stanley Lewis ties and socks are colourful and dapper, creating a sophisticated and debonair overall look for gentlemen. Carrying the ‘Made in Italy’ label, the items are handmade and use wonderfully fine silks for the ties and quality cotton yarns for the socks. The brand offers a sumptuous range of designs including floral, paisley stripes and spots in a range of colours from the bold to the subtle and they all carry the luxurious finesse of real craftsmanship.

If sartorial flair is what you are looking for, then luxury tie and sock brands such as Robert Charles, Duchamp and denisonboston might also intrigue those of you looking for a more polished look. Inspired by the beauty that can be seen in nature, Robert Charles designs are rich and vibrant with a slightly cheeky side. Beautiful floral prints are offered alongside patterns such as berries and pumpkins, for those of you feeling adventurous this Autumn!

Representing the works of the companies’ namesake, Duchamp focus on using great designs with a colourful vibrancy. Using the more traditional wider style tie shape for a unique yet sharp impact, Duchamp ties are rich and bold and feature some really stunning baroque and floral designs.

With an architectural edge, denisonboston take a modern and urban approach to their accessories, crafting a contemporary look. The signature denisonboston tie and sock are designed using six distinctive patterns and colourways. With an architectural edge, ties and socks are created with a modernist approach in mind which uses vibrant colours with a current look to them.

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Save Your Logo: Lacoste Tries to Save Crocodiles

In the late 1920’s world famous French designer Rene Lacoste created his famous Lacoste brand by embroidering a crocodile logo onto his tennis shorts. Today Lacoste is one of the most well known and loved brands in the world. Unfortunately the plight of the crocodile the inspiration for the famous Lacoste logo is very different. The hunting for prized skins and destruction of habitat has resulted in a threat to the very existence of many crocodile species.

In collaboration with the Save Your Logo Project, brands with logos that incorporate an animal give back to the animals that inspired their brand and their environments. To celebrate this work, Lactose incorporates an oversized crocodile logo in a number of accessories and clothes in their SS and AW10 collections. At KJ Beckett we carry many of the new Lactose accessories that feature the oversized crocodile logo! The KJ Beckett Lacoste ranges includes: wallets, belts and wash bags. Click here to view the collection.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Bow Ties a Key Look This Autumn/Winter

It seems men’s fashion trends for this season alternate between funky and formal looks. Bow ties are massively in this season and people are wearing them more then every to play to these two contrasting looks.

So let’s have a quick look at two ways you can wear bow ties, when to wear them and what to wear them with!

1. Bow Ties and the Black Tie Evening
You can’t go wrong with the classic black bow tie for the classic formal Black Tie do’s. For these you should go for a well cut black silk bow tie like the Black Satin Silk Bow Tie by Robert Charles. In our opinion this bow tie should be worn with a proper white dress shirt, one without too much detailing, paired with a simple vintage look pair Cufflinks like the Mother of Pearl Offset Rectangle Cab Cufflinks. Finally this should be matched with a classic tux, think dark blues or blacks. The whole idea here is to look simple, comfortable and classically stylish. Think James Bond!

Colin Farrell is one great proponent of this famous British tux style, combining it well with his scruffy cool image.

But hey, rules are meant to be broken so KJ Beckett has lots of bow ties in all sorts of shapes and colours to suit every-man’s individual style and formal needs. Shop for Bow Ties

2. Geek Chic and Bow Ties
For less formal occasions the whole funky Geek Chic look is most defiantly still around this season. Why not try wearing a sports blazer and a funky bow tie together? Or combine a colourful bow tie with braces and dress trousers. Investing in a bow tie is a great way of achieving a geeky chic smart look in your own way. Style Icons Andre 3000 and Mark Ronson are great proponents of this look. What we like about them is they pioneer outfits that suit there own individual style. Shop for funky bow ties.

Friday, 2 July 2010

GQ Top Twenty Cufflinks List. Did they get it right?

Leading men’s fashion magazine GQ recently ran a piece on their current 20 favourite cufflinks. Although we did not totally agree with their choices we were pleased to carry a number of cufflinks mentioned. Brands mentioned in the KJ Beckett family include Sonia Spencer, Simon Carter, Tateossian and others.

Truthfully I think one could create a better top 20 list. The GQ list includes a lot of well known designers such as Gucci, Cartier and Hackett. Although the mentioned are fantastic brands and we are massive fans of what they do, we would argue that they are not renowned cufflink designers. Products from cufflinks specialists like Robert Charles, Tyler & Tyler, Denisonboston, Aston Brown, Murray Ward, Square Mile and a number of others would be included in our list.

Come to think of it we will put our heads together and come up with the KJ Beckett top 20 cufflinks list. Watch this space! Thanks for the inspiration GQ.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Christensen Knot: How to tie a tie the Amanda Christensen way.

If you have been following our blog I am sure that you have seen the recent piece we did on world famous accessory brand Amanda Christensen. The prestigious Swedish brand whose customers include the Swedish Royal family has baeen in operation for over 190 years.

With such history it is no surprise that Amanda Christensen has not only influenced the world of men’s fashion with its quality, timeless and colourful style but also created the way accessories like ties are worn.

The self styled “Christensen” knot created by Amanda Christensen gained wide spread publicity through its publishing in a 1917 catalogue. It is one of the most popular classic tie knot techniques today.

The embedded video is a step by step on how to tie the fantastic “Christensen” knot.

Friday, 18 June 2010

Cufflinks: Are you a cufflink man?

Cufflinks are an interesting accessory. Some guys have no interest in wearing them, while many others are ardent collectors. For those passionate collectors, cufflinks offer the wear away of expressing oneself and they take them extremely seriously.

At KJ Beckett we love cufflinks. We have a huge array of cufflinks from classy understated pieces to more daring and colourful ones. With such a huge variety and so much choice the cufflink range at KJ Beckett is pretty unbeatable. Come to KJ Beckett and check it out. We are sure we will convince you to become a cufflink man.

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Amanda Christensen: Brand Spotlight

KJ Beckett is proud to announce that the fantastic luxury Swedish Brand Amanda Christensen has been added to the KJ Beckett portfolio.

Established in 1820, quality accessory maker Amanda Christensen has had the same vision for more than 190 years. In the early 1800’s founder Amanda Christensen coined the expression “we don’t sell price – we sell quality”. This vision is very much alive at Amanda Christensen today.

With over two centuries of tradition to uphold and a customer base that includes the Swedish Royal family, Amanda Christensen sets out to “improve on men’s fashion and offer every man a sense of sophistication”. Furthermore the Swedish market leaders create products that look consistently good over the years, not those set out to capitalise on more fickle trends. At KJ Beckett we are excited to be working with a brand with not only such history but one with similar ideals.

We think accessories can make all the difference in any mans wardrobe, giving them the tools to express individuality and stand out from the crowd. Amanda Christensen would seem to agree: "Accessories are usually the finishing touch that makes all the difference to an outfit"

Friday, 4 June 2010

Robert Pattinson: Get the Look!

I am guessing like us you have been dragged to the cinema or been forced to watch the Twilight saga on DVD by a lady friend. Whether you like or loath Robert Pattinson (Edward Cullen) and twilight, you can’t argue with his legion of adoring mainly female fans.

Although Twilight is most certainly no Good Fellas, God Father or even Die Hard you can’t argue how big an impact it and leading man Robert Pattinson has had. Robert has not just caused a stir on the silver screen; he has been turning heads with his contrasting casual but smart look. In fact Pattinson has gained so much attention for his style that he was honoured with the GQ’s best dressed man award at the end of 2009.

We particularly like how Pattinson wears the skinny tie with fitted/tailored shirts. This smart look combined with his messy hair style and designer stubble creates quite a cool contrast. We reckon American Crew is one of the best male styling products and it will most definitely give you the tools to get the “Pattison Style”.

Visit KJ Beckett for all your skinny tie, tailored shirt and grooming needs.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Ted Baker Underwear: New at KJ Beckett

We recently received the Spring/Summer 2010 range of Ted Baker underwear in at KJ Beckett. Ted Baker has nailed it with their new men’s underwear range combining vibrant colour combinations with the ultimate comfortable design. Click hear to view the range.

Underwear is one of the most important pieces in the modern man’s wardrobe! We have you covered at KJ Beckett with fantastic pieces from Calvin Klein, French Connection, Derek Rose, the previously mentioned Ted Baker, and many more…

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Mad Men Style: Get the Mad Men look!

I am sure like us many of you are crazy about Mad Men, the American TV show that has taken the states, the UK and the world by storm.

In case you have not caught it yet Mad Men is set in the 1960s, initially at the fictional Sterling Cooper advertising agency in New York City and later at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. The show centers on Don Draper (Jon Hamm), a creative director at Sterling Cooper, and is set around his life and relationships both inside and outside the office. It also depicts the changing nature of society in 1960s America.

Jeremy Langmead, the editor of Esquire argues that in the 1960s

"The advertising industry really blossomed. That is why they looked good. They were selling a dream so they had to look as though they were part of that dream."

Since it first aired, it has had a massive impact on style aficionados on both sides of the Atlantic, sending ripples through the world of fashion. As a result of the show many men follow the mad men 1960’s principle of wearing skinny ties, tailored but not tight suits, handkerchiefs folded into pocket squares, higher worn trousers, tie clips, tie pins, grey and blue colors and more unusual fabric patterns. Sales of such products have been incredible at KJ Beckett since the show was first aired on the BBC.

So want to get the Don Draper mad men look? Then visit KJ Beckett and get your Retro Ties, Tie Pins, Handkerchiefs, Tie Clips, Cufflinks, Socks, Watches, Belts and Tailored Shirts?

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Van Buck Ties: New in at KJ Beckett!

Here is some news for the guys. We have a fantastic collection of silk Van Buck ties coming into stock very shortly. Van Buck is a family run business that has been making ties for 19 years. We love Van Buck ties; they are unique, colourful and made from the finest quality silks. We thought we would give you a sneak peak of the new range.

Friday, 30 April 2010

Caribee Bags for the urban outback or urban city.

Caribee bags, all the way from sunny Australia, are a fantastic product. The guys at Caribee do a great job of mixing style with amazing functionality. In the attached video you can see the ingenious design of the Caribee College Fourty X… it has pockets for everything, be it your laptop, phone, ipod, pens...

At KJ Beckett we have over 70 Caribee bags, including the College, in stock and ready to be shipped. Within this massive range there are bags for any purpose and taste. Click here to see the Caribee bag range.

So whether you heading into the urban outback or urban city, Caribee and KJ Beckett have got you covered!

How good is the sound track in this video?!?!?!

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Robert Charles Collections: For the Perfect Wedding Day!

Summer is most definitely around the corner, Daffodils are in full bloom, the birds are chirping, people are smiling and of course the wedding bells are ringing…

Like us, I’m sure you will be going to a few weddings this year or maybe even, you are that lucky/unlucky guy about to take the plunge. Either way the fantastic Kiwi designer, Robert Charles has got you covered!

Robert Charles has a fantastic collection of wedding ties, cufflinks, wedding waistcoats and other matching accessories. One of the favorites for customers of Robert Charles at KJ Beckett is the white rose silk collection. In the range, one can purchase matching waistcoats, cufflinks, ties, cravats, bowties, belts, handkerchiefs and cummerbunds. Every accessory is covered for to ensure the groom looks fantastic. What’s more, every Robert Charles accessory is Italian made, with the finest quality materials so to offer the best quality and design in the world. Click here to view the Robert Charles wedding collections at KJ Beckett.

On the subject of weddings… let us leave you with a quote I once heard a bold best man once use in a somewhat train wreck of a speech… “It doesn't matter how often a married man changes his job, he still ends up with the same boss”.

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Coming Soon: Prizes and Giveaways

KJ Beckett are preparing a number of free prize draws to followers of our blog, Facebook and Twitter pages!

All you have to do is become a fan or follow us and you will be in with a shot at winning lots of accessories by some of the world's most famous brands!

Free Delivery + Free Returns!

We offer FREE delivery on UK orders as well as FREE returns. Happy shopping!

Stanislav Reymer Cufflinks!

Quality cufflink maker Stanislav Reymer has a huge collection of cufflinks of all shapes and varieties. My personal favorite of all the Stanislav Reymer range is the famous cufflinks collection. In particular I love the Marilyn Monroe cufflinks. I mean what guy isn’t a Marilyn Monroe fan?
Stanislav Reymer also have tribute cufflinks for showbiz legends such as Audrey Hepburn, Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley and Humphrey Bogart and others. Click here to view the page.

Monday, 26 April 2010

KJ Beckett News: Are you a multi wallet man Part 2?

I am sure you will remember our recent posts about our IT guy Joseph and him being a multi wallet guy. Well I have finally decided to take a leaf out of Joseph’s book and get a second wallet for my less frequent dates…after much thought I choose the Dosh Tux 6.

Perhaps I will get a third wallet if I ever get a date with the illusive girl that works next door.

Being a 20 something bachelor is tough work!

Dore Dore Socks

We have carried Dore Dore socks for years now and are pleased to say that we have added the all new Spring Summer 2010 to our already classic Dore Dore sock collection.

We love the fantastic array of colours featured in Dore Dore socks at KJ Beckett. What we like about Dore Dore the French sock maker is its ability to combine vibrant designs with quality materials creating fantastically unique socks.

Clearly our customers at KJ Beckett seem to agree, with 100s of Dore Dore socks flying out the warehouse on a daily basis. Fear not though, we always get more stock in and are always looking to add to our fantastic collection of this brand. For those of you who don’t know Dore Dore, the following picture is a great example of the new range offered online at KJ Beckett.

Please click here to visit the Dore Dore sock collection and see why they have been one of the world’s leading hosiery manufacturers since 1819.

Dosh Wallets in action

As I am sure you will remember, we previously blogged about our new Dosh wallets collection. Whilst surfing YouTube we came across a video demonstration of the fantastic Dosh wallet in action. Check it out! Remember we have the full Dosh wallets range at KJ Beckett. Click here to view the dosh range.

Friday, 23 April 2010

Richard James: Brand Spotlight!

“unique in the fashion business does not really happen that much” (Richard James).

In the embedded video Savile Row designer Richard James discusses his idea on creating and tailoring unique men’s clothing and accessories. He describes how his inimitable designs saw him being shunned by fellow tailors and fashion leaders in the early days, to now being widely accepted as a market leader within British fashion. Richard James has been so successful that they have won all the fashion Oscars including the prestigious British Fashion Awards for tailoring.

We think it’s Richard James’s combination of mixing unique style with the best quality materials that has made him so successful in the fashion world. Click here to see Richard James's stunning SS2010 socks at KJ Beckett.

Mendoza Seahawk Luggage

We raved about Mendoza Sea Hawk Luggage yesterday. Peter Albrektsen is also a fan check out his youtube review.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Daniel Faraday: Get the "Lost" look.

Dr. Daniel Faraday (played by Saving Private Ryan actor Jeremy Davies) was a physicist and professor who parachuted into ABC's Lost from a helicopter, and with him he brought the distinctive look featuring a skinny tie.

How did Daniel Faraday get his look? Well, when Davies first met Lost's costume designer Roland Sanchez, he was wearing a thin black tie. Sanchez merged this "cool, edgy look" with his idea for the character's clothes: a "nerdy" loosely woven dress shirt from J.Crew.

The merger of the two looks created the cool look that became a favourite with the fans of Lost and Daniel Faraday.

KJ Beckett offer a wide range of skinny ties from leading tie makers including French Connection, Ted Baker, and Peckham Rye. Click here to to see a wide range of thin ties at KJ Beckett.

Mendoza Seahawk Luggage

As you know, summer is coming soon and that means lots of people will be traveling to all sorts of exotic locations. Whether you are going to Blackpool or St Tropez a good suitcase is an absolute necessity to travel!

Created in 1970, Mendoza Seahawk luggage has lasted the test of time. The Seahawk range combines awesome quality and style creating a hardwearing suitcase that not only looks amazing but one that provides protection to your goods. With over forty years experience, the guys at Mendoza really do know the Luggage business.

I personally used the TX27 Gold Seahawk Suitcase for a recent product buying trip to New York. It made the journey a whole lot easier!

When looking for a Suitcase Look no further then Mendoza Seahawk luggage. Click here to see the full range of Seahawk luggage at KJ Beckett.

Billabong Towels: New Billabong at KJ Beckett

With all this amazing weather around I decided to take a trip to the beach. While there, I road tested the Billabong Green Crash Beach towel. Not only was it the coolest towel on the beach but it was massive and perfect for keeping off the sand! Click here to view our full range of Billabong beach towels.

Dosh wallets now available at KJ Beckett!

At KJ Beckett we search the world to bring you accessories from the best designers. As such, we have recently joint up with Dosh, a brand all the way from Sydney, Australia, that creates truly unique wallets.

The super streamlined Dosh wallets are patented designs made from the polymer desmopan - a highly durable, luxury soft touch material, which is 100% recyclable and environmentally respectful.

KJ Beckett are proud to be Dosh’s official UK wallet retailer. Indeed we have the full range of Dosh wallets available online and ready to ship. Click here to check the Dosh wallets out.