Wednesday, 24 March 2010

About KJ Beckett

KJ Beckett is a leading retailer of fashion accessories in the UK and across the globe. Based in the historical city of Bath, England, where fashion and style are paramount, we strive to offer our many customers an amazing and very unique shopping experience.

In the summer of 2003, three brothers discussed the difficulty they had when they were looking for less ordinary, more imaginative, men's accessories. They had observed, if one were to enter any designer men’s clothes store, they could find a dazzling range of unusual shirts or a superb selection of fine and unique shoes - but to find cool belts for men or funky men's wallets was much more tricky! Sparse offerings of interesting men's accessories meant the conventional black leather belt or wallet always seemed to end up being purchased.

Consequently the Beckett brothers set out to find a stunning selection of luxury accessories. They spent time searching the world for the funky, unique and unusual! Wallets, ties, cufflinks, belts, and socks (to name but a few) were sought after.

The brothers made sure all the products they picked were only of the finest quality. Cufflinks crafted in England, fine silk ties from Italy, unique hand-made men's belts from the USA. As a result, the Beckett brothers built up the finest collection of unique men's accessories from across the globe.

The result of their efforts was KJ Beckett, a store dedicated to providing a comprehensive selection of unique and luxurious accessories. Named after the brothers' grandparents, KJ Beckett is a symbol of individuality, quality, and excellent service.

Success followed and with it, so did demand for women’s accessories, leading to KJ Beckett offering stunning collections for both him and her!

Beside the fantastic collections, customer service is paramount at KJ Beckett. The customer is everything! Their experience is the most important element to the KJ Beckett business. Despite having an unbeatable range of accessories, without it’s customers, KJ Beckett would not be the success it is today.

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