Thursday, 25 March 2010

Simon Carter Cufflinks: "The King of Cufflinks" Brand spotlight

In our first edition of brand spotlight we have explored how leading UK men’s accessory and clothing designer, Simon Carter, became an iconic market leader.

In the mid-80’s London based designer Simon Carter started designing men’s pewter brooches. After immediate success the products expanded to sunglasses, watches and cufflinks. Ten years later Simon Carter gained notoriety with the Iconic ‘Asprin’ cufflink, which allowed tablets to be stored within the cufflink itself (see image below). With this success, further expansion came within the accessory category with leather goods, ties and other accessory ranges. Success within their core product range of men’s accessory’s lead to diversification to sell men’s clothing.

Simon Carter
is now a global leader in men’s accessories being stocked in 35 countries all of whom have a long fashion history. The company will be opening flagship stores in new markets like Japan alongside its UK and North American flagships.

Simon Carter now has a loyal celebrate following! For example award winning song writer and musician Jason Mraz is a proud wearer of Simon Carter. At the last Grammy awards Mraz recived rave reviews on his Simon Carter out fit and accessories to go along with his three Grammy wins. Simon Carter is also regularly featured in leading men’s publications such as GQ.

Simon Carter
attributes success to the ideal on which the brand was created on. From the start looked to create a range that “struck a chord with urban professionals looking to inject a contemporary lightness of touch in their personal style”. We personally are proud to stock Simon Carter due to their outstanding design, value and quality seen in each piece. Click here to shop for Simon Carter.

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