Friday, 30 April 2010

Caribee Bags for the urban outback or urban city.

Caribee bags, all the way from sunny Australia, are a fantastic product. The guys at Caribee do a great job of mixing style with amazing functionality. In the attached video you can see the ingenious design of the Caribee College Fourty X… it has pockets for everything, be it your laptop, phone, ipod, pens...

At KJ Beckett we have over 70 Caribee bags, including the College, in stock and ready to be shipped. Within this massive range there are bags for any purpose and taste. Click here to see the Caribee bag range.

So whether you heading into the urban outback or urban city, Caribee and KJ Beckett have got you covered!

How good is the sound track in this video?!?!?!

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Robert Charles Collections: For the Perfect Wedding Day!

Summer is most definitely around the corner, Daffodils are in full bloom, the birds are chirping, people are smiling and of course the wedding bells are ringing…

Like us, I’m sure you will be going to a few weddings this year or maybe even, you are that lucky/unlucky guy about to take the plunge. Either way the fantastic Kiwi designer, Robert Charles has got you covered!

Robert Charles has a fantastic collection of wedding ties, cufflinks, wedding waistcoats and other matching accessories. One of the favorites for customers of Robert Charles at KJ Beckett is the white rose silk collection. In the range, one can purchase matching waistcoats, cufflinks, ties, cravats, bowties, belts, handkerchiefs and cummerbunds. Every accessory is covered for to ensure the groom looks fantastic. What’s more, every Robert Charles accessory is Italian made, with the finest quality materials so to offer the best quality and design in the world. Click here to view the Robert Charles wedding collections at KJ Beckett.

On the subject of weddings… let us leave you with a quote I once heard a bold best man once use in a somewhat train wreck of a speech… “It doesn't matter how often a married man changes his job, he still ends up with the same boss”.

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Coming Soon: Prizes and Giveaways

KJ Beckett are preparing a number of free prize draws to followers of our blog, Facebook and Twitter pages!

All you have to do is become a fan or follow us and you will be in with a shot at winning lots of accessories by some of the world's most famous brands!

Free Delivery + Free Returns!

We offer FREE delivery on UK orders as well as FREE returns. Happy shopping!

Stanislav Reymer Cufflinks!

Quality cufflink maker Stanislav Reymer has a huge collection of cufflinks of all shapes and varieties. My personal favorite of all the Stanislav Reymer range is the famous cufflinks collection. In particular I love the Marilyn Monroe cufflinks. I mean what guy isn’t a Marilyn Monroe fan?
Stanislav Reymer also have tribute cufflinks for showbiz legends such as Audrey Hepburn, Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley and Humphrey Bogart and others. Click here to view the page.

Monday, 26 April 2010

KJ Beckett News: Are you a multi wallet man Part 2?

I am sure you will remember our recent posts about our IT guy Joseph and him being a multi wallet guy. Well I have finally decided to take a leaf out of Joseph’s book and get a second wallet for my less frequent dates…after much thought I choose the Dosh Tux 6.

Perhaps I will get a third wallet if I ever get a date with the illusive girl that works next door.

Being a 20 something bachelor is tough work!

Dore Dore Socks

We have carried Dore Dore socks for years now and are pleased to say that we have added the all new Spring Summer 2010 to our already classic Dore Dore sock collection.

We love the fantastic array of colours featured in Dore Dore socks at KJ Beckett. What we like about Dore Dore the French sock maker is its ability to combine vibrant designs with quality materials creating fantastically unique socks.

Clearly our customers at KJ Beckett seem to agree, with 100s of Dore Dore socks flying out the warehouse on a daily basis. Fear not though, we always get more stock in and are always looking to add to our fantastic collection of this brand. For those of you who don’t know Dore Dore, the following picture is a great example of the new range offered online at KJ Beckett.

Please click here to visit the Dore Dore sock collection and see why they have been one of the world’s leading hosiery manufacturers since 1819.

Dosh Wallets in action

As I am sure you will remember, we previously blogged about our new Dosh wallets collection. Whilst surfing YouTube we came across a video demonstration of the fantastic Dosh wallet in action. Check it out! Remember we have the full Dosh wallets range at KJ Beckett. Click here to view the dosh range.

Friday, 23 April 2010

Richard James: Brand Spotlight!

“unique in the fashion business does not really happen that much” (Richard James).

In the embedded video Savile Row designer Richard James discusses his idea on creating and tailoring unique men’s clothing and accessories. He describes how his inimitable designs saw him being shunned by fellow tailors and fashion leaders in the early days, to now being widely accepted as a market leader within British fashion. Richard James has been so successful that they have won all the fashion Oscars including the prestigious British Fashion Awards for tailoring.

We think it’s Richard James’s combination of mixing unique style with the best quality materials that has made him so successful in the fashion world. Click here to see Richard James's stunning SS2010 socks at KJ Beckett.

Mendoza Seahawk Luggage

We raved about Mendoza Sea Hawk Luggage yesterday. Peter Albrektsen is also a fan check out his youtube review.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Daniel Faraday: Get the "Lost" look.

Dr. Daniel Faraday (played by Saving Private Ryan actor Jeremy Davies) was a physicist and professor who parachuted into ABC's Lost from a helicopter, and with him he brought the distinctive look featuring a skinny tie.

How did Daniel Faraday get his look? Well, when Davies first met Lost's costume designer Roland Sanchez, he was wearing a thin black tie. Sanchez merged this "cool, edgy look" with his idea for the character's clothes: a "nerdy" loosely woven dress shirt from J.Crew.

The merger of the two looks created the cool look that became a favourite with the fans of Lost and Daniel Faraday.

KJ Beckett offer a wide range of skinny ties from leading tie makers including French Connection, Ted Baker, and Peckham Rye. Click here to to see a wide range of thin ties at KJ Beckett.

Mendoza Seahawk Luggage

As you know, summer is coming soon and that means lots of people will be traveling to all sorts of exotic locations. Whether you are going to Blackpool or St Tropez a good suitcase is an absolute necessity to travel!

Created in 1970, Mendoza Seahawk luggage has lasted the test of time. The Seahawk range combines awesome quality and style creating a hardwearing suitcase that not only looks amazing but one that provides protection to your goods. With over forty years experience, the guys at Mendoza really do know the Luggage business.

I personally used the TX27 Gold Seahawk Suitcase for a recent product buying trip to New York. It made the journey a whole lot easier!

When looking for a Suitcase Look no further then Mendoza Seahawk luggage. Click here to see the full range of Seahawk luggage at KJ Beckett.

Billabong Towels: New Billabong at KJ Beckett

With all this amazing weather around I decided to take a trip to the beach. While there, I road tested the Billabong Green Crash Beach towel. Not only was it the coolest towel on the beach but it was massive and perfect for keeping off the sand! Click here to view our full range of Billabong beach towels.

Dosh wallets now available at KJ Beckett!

At KJ Beckett we search the world to bring you accessories from the best designers. As such, we have recently joint up with Dosh, a brand all the way from Sydney, Australia, that creates truly unique wallets.

The super streamlined Dosh wallets are patented designs made from the polymer desmopan - a highly durable, luxury soft touch material, which is 100% recyclable and environmentally respectful.

KJ Beckett are proud to be Dosh’s official UK wallet retailer. Indeed we have the full range of Dosh wallets available online and ready to ship. Click here to check the Dosh wallets out.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

FREE delivery + FREE returns.

We offer FREE delivery on UK orders as well as FREE returns. Happy shopping!

UK Election News!

UK election news: Gordon Brown and Nick Clegg wear cufflinks. David Cameron does not. What does that mean?!?!

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

KJ Beckett News!

KJ Beckett is getting ready to offer some of the biggest names...Watch out for accessories by Duchamp, John Smedley, Nixon, Quiksilver...

Lacoste Belts: New at KJ Beckett

We are really excited! We have just ordered a load of new Lactose Belts. Watch this space. Click here to see the range!

Brand Spotlight: Vivienne Westwood

In an interview posted by New York Times revolutionary designer Vivienne Westwood, the famous British designer discusses how she rose to fame in the fashion world and talks generally about what her fantastic brand stands for.

“I think people need clothes”… “If you buy something that really suits you, it talks about your character and personality”.

Very few people in the world can create a truly unique product. The brilliant and somewhat eccentric Vivienne Westwood is simply a fashion pioneer, and is still producing fantastically unique fashion clothing and accessories. At KJ Beckett we are all massive fans of what the great team at Vivienne Westwood do, and extremely proud to be an authorised seller of the Vivienne Westwood brand. Click here to see KJ Beckett’s fantastic Vivienne Westwood accessory collection.

KJ Beckett News: Are you a multi wallet man?

Are you a multi wallet man?
Our recently employed KJ Beckett IT guy, Joseph, gave me inspiration for this blog post! He has a plain wallet that he purchased before joining KJ Beckett. Recently the bachelor purchased the Black Ted Baker Zuben wallet for his many dates and special occasions. He also purchased a canvas billabong wallet for the beach. Joseph argues that a man needs multiple wallets to cater for all occasions!

Joseph’s thinking seems genius to me. I need to decide which wallet out of the many we carry will be my date wallet!?!?

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Nixon Wallets now available at KJ Beckett

We've just added an awesome collection of leather wallets by the leading lifestyle brand, Nixon. Customer response has been excellent so far and the collection is selling fast, but don't worry, we will be restocking in the next few days! Click to view the Nixon wallets at KJ Beckett.

Fred Perry Bags at KJ Beckett

Our Fred Perry bags are fantastic and this black holdall is a particular favourite for the guys in the KJ Beckett offices and KJ Beckett customers alike. Click to view the Black Holdall by Fred Perry and click to view the entire Fred Perry bags range.