Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Brand Spotlight: Vivienne Westwood

In an interview posted by New York Times revolutionary designer Vivienne Westwood, the famous British designer discusses how she rose to fame in the fashion world and talks generally about what her fantastic brand stands for.

“I think people need clothes”… “If you buy something that really suits you, it talks about your character and personality”.

Very few people in the world can create a truly unique product. The brilliant and somewhat eccentric Vivienne Westwood is simply a fashion pioneer, and is still producing fantastically unique fashion clothing and accessories. At KJ Beckett we are all massive fans of what the great team at Vivienne Westwood do, and extremely proud to be an authorised seller of the Vivienne Westwood brand. Click here to see KJ Beckett’s fantastic Vivienne Westwood accessory collection.

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