Friday, 30 April 2010

Caribee Bags for the urban outback or urban city.

Caribee bags, all the way from sunny Australia, are a fantastic product. The guys at Caribee do a great job of mixing style with amazing functionality. In the attached video you can see the ingenious design of the Caribee College Fourty X… it has pockets for everything, be it your laptop, phone, ipod, pens...

At KJ Beckett we have over 70 Caribee bags, including the College, in stock and ready to be shipped. Within this massive range there are bags for any purpose and taste. Click here to see the Caribee bag range.

So whether you heading into the urban outback or urban city, Caribee and KJ Beckett have got you covered!

How good is the sound track in this video?!?!?!

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