Thursday, 17 June 2010

Amanda Christensen: Brand Spotlight

KJ Beckett is proud to announce that the fantastic luxury Swedish Brand Amanda Christensen has been added to the KJ Beckett portfolio.

Established in 1820, quality accessory maker Amanda Christensen has had the same vision for more than 190 years. In the early 1800’s founder Amanda Christensen coined the expression “we don’t sell price – we sell quality”. This vision is very much alive at Amanda Christensen today.

With over two centuries of tradition to uphold and a customer base that includes the Swedish Royal family, Amanda Christensen sets out to “improve on men’s fashion and offer every man a sense of sophistication”. Furthermore the Swedish market leaders create products that look consistently good over the years, not those set out to capitalise on more fickle trends. At KJ Beckett we are excited to be working with a brand with not only such history but one with similar ideals.

We think accessories can make all the difference in any mans wardrobe, giving them the tools to express individuality and stand out from the crowd. Amanda Christensen would seem to agree: "Accessories are usually the finishing touch that makes all the difference to an outfit"

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