Thursday, 16 September 2010

Save Your Logo: Lacoste Tries to Save Crocodiles

In the late 1920’s world famous French designer Rene Lacoste created his famous Lacoste brand by embroidering a crocodile logo onto his tennis shorts. Today Lacoste is one of the most well known and loved brands in the world. Unfortunately the plight of the crocodile the inspiration for the famous Lacoste logo is very different. The hunting for prized skins and destruction of habitat has resulted in a threat to the very existence of many crocodile species.

In collaboration with the Save Your Logo Project, brands with logos that incorporate an animal give back to the animals that inspired their brand and their environments. To celebrate this work, Lactose incorporates an oversized crocodile logo in a number of accessories and clothes in their SS and AW10 collections. At KJ Beckett we carry many of the new Lactose accessories that feature the oversized crocodile logo! The KJ Beckett Lacoste ranges includes: wallets, belts and wash bags. Click here to view the collection.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Bow Ties a Key Look This Autumn/Winter

It seems men’s fashion trends for this season alternate between funky and formal looks. Bow ties are massively in this season and people are wearing them more then every to play to these two contrasting looks.

So let’s have a quick look at two ways you can wear bow ties, when to wear them and what to wear them with!

1. Bow Ties and the Black Tie Evening
You can’t go wrong with the classic black bow tie for the classic formal Black Tie do’s. For these you should go for a well cut black silk bow tie like the Black Satin Silk Bow Tie by Robert Charles. In our opinion this bow tie should be worn with a proper white dress shirt, one without too much detailing, paired with a simple vintage look pair Cufflinks like the Mother of Pearl Offset Rectangle Cab Cufflinks. Finally this should be matched with a classic tux, think dark blues or blacks. The whole idea here is to look simple, comfortable and classically stylish. Think James Bond!

Colin Farrell is one great proponent of this famous British tux style, combining it well with his scruffy cool image.

But hey, rules are meant to be broken so KJ Beckett has lots of bow ties in all sorts of shapes and colours to suit every-man’s individual style and formal needs. Shop for Bow Ties

2. Geek Chic and Bow Ties
For less formal occasions the whole funky Geek Chic look is most defiantly still around this season. Why not try wearing a sports blazer and a funky bow tie together? Or combine a colourful bow tie with braces and dress trousers. Investing in a bow tie is a great way of achieving a geeky chic smart look in your own way. Style Icons Andre 3000 and Mark Ronson are great proponents of this look. What we like about them is they pioneer outfits that suit there own individual style. Shop for funky bow ties.