Thursday, 16 September 2010

Save Your Logo: Lacoste Tries to Save Crocodiles

In the late 1920’s world famous French designer Rene Lacoste created his famous Lacoste brand by embroidering a crocodile logo onto his tennis shorts. Today Lacoste is one of the most well known and loved brands in the world. Unfortunately the plight of the crocodile the inspiration for the famous Lacoste logo is very different. The hunting for prized skins and destruction of habitat has resulted in a threat to the very existence of many crocodile species.

In collaboration with the Save Your Logo Project, brands with logos that incorporate an animal give back to the animals that inspired their brand and their environments. To celebrate this work, Lactose incorporates an oversized crocodile logo in a number of accessories and clothes in their SS and AW10 collections. At KJ Beckett we carry many of the new Lactose accessories that feature the oversized crocodile logo! The KJ Beckett Lacoste ranges includes: wallets, belts and wash bags. Click here to view the collection.

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