Friday, 29 October 2010

Belstaff Bags - Hollywood and Belstaff

Founded in Staffordshire in 1924 with a line of waterproof jackets, Belstaff became the first ever company to use a waxed cotton which created a waterproof yet breathable fabric. This technical focus continued and the brand moved on to make jackets for those in need of hard-wearing materials. This included aviators, soldiers and in particular bikers. Over the years, the Belstaff biker jacket has become synonymous with the brand with items such as the Trialmaster and L500 versions now seen as collector’s items.

Although the brand was known for its technical expertise, Belstaff started to fall in popularity in the early 90’s alongside the decline of the textile industry in the UK at that time. However, the vision of Italian creative designer Frances Malenotti, taken on in 1996 helped pull the company from the brink. With Malenotti at the helm, the first ever Belstaff bag and Shoe’ division was created, Belstaff bags took off across European markets and quickly became a resounding success helping to bring the Belstaff name back to the fore.

At the same time a Hollywood love affair was about to be born as Belstaff’s profile was now on the rise in America and this adoration for the brand still continues today. In particular the film studios have taken Belstaff to their heart with the brand being requested for an awe-inducing list of films including; ‘Batman Begins’, ‘Ocean’s Twelve’ and ‘The Aviator’ with Leonardo Dicaprio. The Belstaff bag worn by Will Smith in ‘I am Legend’ became incredibly popular with both celebrities and the public.

The brand has also garnered a strong celebrity fan base with actors such as Brad Pitt and George Clooney and model Kate Moss seen out the label. Now recognised as a British Heritage brand, Belstaff has once more risen to the top and intends to stay there, with Hollywood by their side.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Stanley Lewis Tie and Socks: Alternatives with Matching Accessories

Stanley Lewis may have only been founded in 2008 but the company is already carving a unique name for itself in the luxury tie and socks market. Founded upon the notion that men often let down a sharp suited look by a pair of mismatched socks, the brand went about creating matching designer tie and sock sets. Based on the Stanley Lewis ethos that there should be balance in both life and wardrobe, the innovative designs available at enable an elegant pairing of the tie and socks in an unusual yet beautifully subtle way. Both Stanley Lewis ties and socks are colourful and dapper, creating a sophisticated and debonair overall look for gentlemen. Carrying the ‘Made in Italy’ label, the items are handmade and use wonderfully fine silks for the ties and quality cotton yarns for the socks. The brand offers a sumptuous range of designs including floral, paisley stripes and spots in a range of colours from the bold to the subtle and they all carry the luxurious finesse of real craftsmanship.

If sartorial flair is what you are looking for, then luxury tie and sock brands such as Robert Charles, Duchamp and denisonboston might also intrigue those of you looking for a more polished look. Inspired by the beauty that can be seen in nature, Robert Charles designs are rich and vibrant with a slightly cheeky side. Beautiful floral prints are offered alongside patterns such as berries and pumpkins, for those of you feeling adventurous this Autumn!

Representing the works of the companies’ namesake, Duchamp focus on using great designs with a colourful vibrancy. Using the more traditional wider style tie shape for a unique yet sharp impact, Duchamp ties are rich and bold and feature some really stunning baroque and floral designs.

With an architectural edge, denisonboston take a modern and urban approach to their accessories, crafting a contemporary look. The signature denisonboston tie and sock are designed using six distinctive patterns and colourways. With an architectural edge, ties and socks are created with a modernist approach in mind which uses vibrant colours with a current look to them.