Friday, 19 November 2010

Comic Book T-Shirts: Get the Retro T-Shirt Look!

Long gone are the days when comic books were for geeks, nowadays it seems everyone knows their Green Hornet from their Green Lantern or at least they give that impression! One way to show your knowledge of the comic book world is to wear it on your t-shirt! To help you pick out the coolest and most unique comic book t-shirts, we have a quick run-down of the hippest designs and brands around.

Perhaps the most infamous of all comic book t-shirts are the superman t-shirt and the batman t-shirt, iconic characters of the superpower world. Most of these comic book t-shirt designs are known as mock-costumes, where the t-shirt is designed to resemble that of the actual comic book character. Check out these cool versions on KJ Beckett; the distressed black batman t-shirt for a more worn look. Or if you fancy working on those superpowers, this bright blue superman t-shirt.

Another style of comic book t-shirt is that of using specific character images and one company whose designs do this particularly well is that of cult brand ‘Junk food’. This retro blue batman man t-shirt is one of our favourites, or if you fancy a more vintage feel, this grey superman t-shirt is fab. Using old school graphics, Junk Food also use the design of taking comic book strips or panels with this trendy superman t-shirt.

The brand ‘Urban Species’ have a great urban approach to their designs that are both contemporary yet still instantly recognisable in their use of classic comic book symbols. Their graffiti style superman t-shirt is an amazing take on comic book art.Also their amazing street art batman t-shirt in a white graffiti style is really innovative.

So next time you a stylish t coming your way, you know for sure it isn’t a bird or a plane design but a seriously fashion forward comic book t-shirt!

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