Friday, 12 November 2010

J. Fold: The Original Sports Wallet!

New York based accessories company J Fold’s star is on the rise. Since their launch in 2003 with the now infamous product line ‘The Original Sports Wallet’ – they have steadily garnered a name for themselves as the go-to brand for the stylish mans wallets and bags.

The company’s superstar status has been galvanised by a following that includes the likes of Justin Timberlake, Bruce Willis and Snoop Dogg. J Fold’s celebrity fan base gives just an inkling of how distinctive these products are. The quality of the 100% top full grain leather used for the wallets is matched only by the robustness of the military based formulation of wax coated cotton for their bag collection.

Designed to age naturally, both the wallets and bags have a rugged appeal which make J Fold’s products one of the most hotly sought after accessories brand of the moment. It also doesn’t hurt that the prices are wallet friendly! Recently they have diversified into laptop and passport carriers making them a must have item for both professionals and creative’s.

The success of the brand is the focus on top quality and appealing design and the UK market has been quick to take note at just how brilliant the J-Fold aesthetic is. Online men’s retailers such as KJ Beckett are now stocking a selection of the brands wallets for those in the know who want a little flash with their cash!
J Fold has managed to create men’s accessories that are unique and luxurious yet totally masculine. Now boasting one of the widest ranges of men’s wallets, the brands’ use of textured leather, contrasting interiors and muted yet fresh colours means that their appeal to those looking for something a little more creative and bold than the usual design.

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