Friday, 19 November 2010

Top 5 Most Fashionable Men Part 1: Numbers 5 to 2

In a celebration of all things on trend, we are taking a look at the men we deem most fashionable and it seems fitting that all 4 of our fabulous men (you’ll have to wait until later in the week for number 1! ) are actually Brits. The quirky, snappy and ultimately individual way of dressing that is unique to those that we view as fashionable is unmistakably inherent to us Brits. Let’s not get confused, these are the most fashionable men, not the most stylish or influential but those men who are on trend and who set the trends in their own original, confident and charismatic way. So here we go!

No 5: No top 5 of fashionable men would be complete without our much loved football fashion pin-up, David Beckham. Consistently on trend, Beckham shows us how to be both fashionable and masculine. These days his style has toned down from the somewhat outlandish (anyone remember the man-sarong?) to a classic yet still completely bang up to date look. Loose jeans, great T-shirts and always a good jacket and pair of trainers are the Beckham daily uniform. Dinner and drinks are always enjoyed with a gorgeously cut suit often in slightly adventurous finishes such as a sheen or silk. Beckham is fashion royalty.

No 4: Heartthrob to the teenage masses, our favourite teenage vampire, actor Robert Pattinson has his own modern rock star look. His careless dress of loose fit jeans, checked shirts with light jersey hooded tops and high tops is one which many a man wish to emulate. On the red carpet Pattinson manages to translate this casual look into his own distinct style of suit dress. Slim fit suits and skinny ties with just a hint of bad boy in the messed up hair and none too careful top knot makes Pattinson the epitome of laid back lad about town.

No 3: Actor Ed Westwick who plays unruly playboy Chuck Bass of Gossip Girl has taken on some of his character’s suave, moneyed style in his own debonair English way. Open necked T’s or shirts to show a flash of chest, colourful slim fit cords and casual blazers. Westwick makes a nod to the dandy with the occasional silk scarf, silver pendant and pair of daps or boat shoes. One to watch.

No 2: The don of tight jeans and Cuban heels, comedian and actor Russell Brand’s offbeat and slightly camp style of dressing is that of a man confident in his own skin. What is so wonderful about Brand is that he emits absolute self-assurance, so sure is he of himself and this undoubtedly plays out in his clothes. Slim fit T’s low at the neck, skinny black girls jeans worn with plenty of necklaces and bracelets is not a look that many men could master but Brand carries it off with aplomb. Absolutely magnificent.

No1: ...You’ll have to keep an eye out later this week!

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