Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Wall Street 2: Get the Gordon Gekko Power Look!

No film is perhaps as symbolic of the greed and excess of the wealthy 1980’s than that of ‘Wall Street’ where in 1987, Michael Douglas introduced the world to the villainous corporate raider, Gordan Gekko. Playing on the archetypal Wall street image of a powerful suave man, the film’s stylist Ellen Mirojnik created the power-dressing look for men of the 80’s and so Gordan Gekko fashion was born. Bright leather tabbed braces, shirts with colour contrast collars worn with slicked back hair became the look to emulate for business men working on the real-life Wall Street.

Fast forward to today and Gordan Gekko fashion has returned to our screens, but this time bringing a whole new look, that of Street 2 fashion. This time, it is the character of trader ‘Jake Moore’ (Shia Leboeuf) who presents an entirely new take on power-dressing for the moneyed man of the noughties, creating a whole new Wall Street 2 style. This time our hero is dressed in sharp lines, closely fitted to the body using beautifully strong, sleek cuts for a Wall Street 2 fashion that is slick, modern and commanding. The clothes worn by the character of Moore represent that of a man who is hungry for success, one who is confident and powerfully masculine. Crisp tailored shirts and a sleek strong silhouette show a man that cares about his look and has the expensive watch and ego to match.

If you take a walk on the sidewalks of the financial cities of the world, you will see Wall Street 2 style all around; sharp suits, sleek cufflinks, tie pins and smart loafers. Accessorized with ego and attitude, Gordan Gekko fashions are designed to be worn by men who thrive on the thrill of money. As the film states, when fashion and finance come together, money never sleeps.

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