Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Bow Ties are Cool: Matt Smith Doctor Who's Bow Tie Wearing Hero

Ever since the 11th Doctor Who landed on our screens with his dapper dress style, bow ties have been catapulted from the dregs of tie wear to the forefront of on-trend shirtdress. Since the 11th series, sales of ‘Doctor Who’ bow ties have driven up dramatically. Mens luxury accessories company KJ Beckett has experienced a surge of interest in their bow tie selection and high street retailer Topman has seen a massive increase of sales by over 300%!

The doctor is seen as having a real love for his bow ties, wearing them alongside slim shirts and braces in reds and blues and always with his world weary tweed and elbow patched jacket. Matt Smith style intertwines closely with that of the doctors; dandy yet masculine dressing with slicked back hair and skinny suits. Smith, the doctor and their bow ties have brought back geek chic.

Many of our heroes both past and present, fictional and non-fictional have also reached for the individualism of wearing a bow tie. At times, the image of the bow tie conjures up an array of fashion savvy heroes such as fearless James bond or classic stars like frank Sinatra.

Historic leaders Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt created positive associations of the bow tie in their old-fashioned gentlemanly ways in the mid 19th Century and Churchill was often photographed in a rather natty polka dot tie.

Of course, when worn by Hollywood pin ups from the past such as Humphrey Bogart or today’s Gossip Girl lothario Chuck Bass, the bow tie takes on a more playful devil may care attitude of a cad about town. Who thought the bow tie could be sexy!

Upping the coolness factor of bow ties is that of TV character Brother Mouzone from The Wire. Always seen in a suit and bow tie, this New York hitman manages to make bow ties appear both dangerous and edgy – no mean feat!

This season ‘Matt Smith’ bow ties are the fashion accessory of the fashion forward gent who isn’t afraid to make a statement and as the doctor likes to say in his first series “bow Ties are cool” and we couldn’t agree more- bow ties are cool!

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