Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Top 5 Most Fashionable Men Part 2: Most Fashionable Man

The time has come to unveil our number 1 man of the fashion moment! In keeping with the ethos that fashion is of the moment, no man is perhaps more ‘of the moment’ in the British music industry than that of super producer and now, super fashionable Mark Ronson.

Steadily becoming a style icon, last year Ronson was chosen by GQ as the most stylish man of 2009. With a crossover appeal that is both urban and genteel, Ronson has a way of dressing that is refreshingly contemporary and manages to maintain an amazing personal style that goes from the debonair to street whilst always looking distinctly current.

Ronson is often seen out and about in a 1960’s inspired slim pencil thin suit, skinny tie worn with white trainers or smart lace up shoes. The suits are bespoke and often worn in deep shades and the entire look is worn with a real energy and a hint of a debonair gentlemen.

Not afraid to take a risk, Ronson happily references hip-hop roots with a bit of bling on occasion. A gold satin Dolce and Gabbana suit worn in a fashion shoot in 2008 introduced us to a side of Ronson that showed he isn’t afraid have some fun with fashion. And this fun is not just with colours but also with patterns and fabrics, Ronson even manages to make a velvet suit seem hip and on trend!

Always immaculate in whatever look he chooses to step out in, the fashion world has started to sit up and take notice. Earlier this year Ronson designed a limited edition exclusive sneaker range for Gucci to great success. The essence of London style, Ronson is hip, on trend, quirky, cool and confident. Our number one most fashionable man of the moment.

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