Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Simon Carter Gloves: New at KJ Beckett

When GQ names one of your items in their annual “100 best things in the world list”, you know you’ve got a great product on your hands, quite literally in this case! It seems Simon Carter have captured the interest of stylish professional men around the world with their new woollen gloves. At the end of last year, Simon Carter launched tweed and leather designed glove to great excitement; with a sumptuous cashmere and wool lining and a really handsome sartorial design, these gloves are a great addition to any mans wardrobe. Click her to view the range.

Started in the mid 1980's Simon Carter has historically been known foremost for their cufflinks, cornering the UK market by the 1990’s. Their iconic ‘Aspirin’ design, which stored tablets within the actual cufflink, concreted their dominance with these shirt accessories. Looking to expand the brand, Simon Carter has spent the last few years branching out into accessories as well as now also designing both casual and formal clothing; however it is their accessories that have truly captured the interests of the man on the street, and both their gloves and new seasonal bags are a real showcase of the quality of the Simon Carter name in 2011.

Simon Carter
has some beautiful new bags to offer this season, and as we enter the new year and plan those spring breaks, a fresh new carry case is definitely in order. Carter has delivered some amazingly fresh designs that are both slick and modern as well as performing a function. The ‘St Leonard’s Weekend Holdall’ is one such design which looks both cool and grown up. A soft fabric finish with leather corners, handles and strap – it is both great to look at and seriously useful. Go for purple if you love your high-tops and baggy jeans and choose the black with extra pockets if you’re a suited and booted businessman in need of extra pen storage.

This season Simon Carter are at the top of their game with new design led accessories, delivering quality and functionality in a grown up and modern style. Just watch where you put your gloves and bag down, they might not be there when you return! Shop for Simon Carter Now.

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Johnny Cupcakes: Johnny Cupcakes UK Opening

Johnny Cupcakes may not be a brand that you are familiar with right now but the company is set to make their mark on the UK apparel scene. With a quirky back story, Johnny Cupcakes was founded in 2001 by Johnny Earle who decided, whilst getting some T-shirts printed for the band he was in, to screen print a few T-shirts with the Johnny Cupcakes motif for a laugh. Immediately co-workers and friends clamoured for the T-shirts with their quirky and fresh designs.

Travelling with the band, Johnny decided to take along his T-shirts and sell them at gigs. The Johnny Cupcake designs quickly began to establish a cult following that is now part of the appeal of the brand. From there, the Johnny Cupcakes brand has grown leaps and bounds in the last 10 years to now have three cupcake bakery themed shops in the US with a 4th on its way in London.

The original badge making spirit can still be seen in the current Johnny Cupcakes line up, which now includes the ever popular t-shirts, underwear, hooded tops and accessories. The Johnny Cupcakes branding is brilliantly recognisable, using the iconic skull and crossbones emblem with a cupcake in place of the skull.

It is Earle’s entrepreneurial spirit that had him placed in Business Week’s 2008 ‘Best Entrepreneurs 25 and Under’ list. The award recognized the blue sky thinking of the Johnny Cupcake branding, in particular the amazing popularity of Earle’s lectures at schools and universities that have seen such demand that a whole section of the Johnny Cupcakes website is now dedicated just to this.

With their first international shop set to open on March 12th this year in London, Johnny Cupcakes are going places. Fans of his designs are fast buying up tickets to the store opening which is set to be an amazing. Both Earle and the Johnny Cupcakes brand offer a really fresh approach and outlook to both clothes and business in the wider sense. Keep an idea for this name in 2011.

Friday, 7 January 2011

How to wear Scarves: Scarves for Men

How to tie scarves for either sex is a bit of a tricky thing to decide but how to wear scarves is particularly difficult for men; attempting to wrap a bit of material around your neck can quite easily end up looking fairly unsexy; too tight and you risk looking like you have no neck, too loose and you might be mistaken for an amateur dramatic about to launch into a flamboyant soliloquy. So here are some tips on how to wear scarves!

1. The Parisian Knot
The loop and knot or as it is officially known, The Parisian knot is the most popular and most classic way to wear a scarf. Celebrities such as David Beckham are often seen tying scarves in this way. Fold the scarf in half, place around the neck and simply pull the ends through to create a large knot on or below the neck. Ends can be tucked in if extra chilly but a better look is to let the ends drape over the coat. A masculine, clean and elegant look.

2. The Once Around Knot
The once around knot is another simple yet stylish way to wear a scarf. Think Jude Law around Notting Hill. If you are just after a little comfort, then simply throw your scarf around your neck with one end slightly longer, tie a knot using the longer side and away your go. Beware of open neck T-shirts with this one or you could end up looking a bit like Ronaldo. Of course if that’s the look that you’re going for, knot away.

3. The Loose Once Around Knot
The Loose once-around knot is the most fashionable way to wear a scarf. Loose knit or thin rather than woollen scarves work best with this one. Simply wrap the scarf around your neck once and let both ends fall loosely either side. For those men who are a bit braver, a long chunky knit can be used but beware of looking like you’re wearing the latest in neck braces. Or in a boyband.

Of course there are many more ways on how to wear scarves men, but if a clean stylish look is what you are after then keep it simple; plain colours or stripes, compliment your shirt or coat and above all think classic.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

David Beckham Style: Modern Style Icons

There is no doubt that David Beckham is one of the most recognisable style icons of modern times. Loved by exclusive fashion circles and commercial brands, by magazines such as GQ and fashion fans the world over. Beckham transcends the hierarchy of the fashion circuit with an amazing ability to have both a commercial and designer appeal that reaches out to men (and women – need I say Armani pants!). If we must use the word, then metrosexual is one way to describe David Beckham style, but his appeal is much more complex and exciting than now overused description of his look.

The David Beckham look is difficult to pin down to just one style; looking just as stylish in his favourite Diesel Zatiny jeans as he is when suited and booted in grey Armani. What Beckham does have are some closet staples and a few style rules that mean he is always effortlessly stylish. Not afraid to try new looks, Beckham knows that mixing it up keeps his look fresh and by doing this, he is always be ahead of the style curve.

David Beckham style definitely means investing in your wardrobe because this is a man who loves his designer accessories. Jeans, great logoed T’s, boots, expensive shades and cardigans form the core of David Beckham fashion. But there are many other looks that Beckham manages to make his own; baggy shorts and simple tees, slim fit jeans and beanie hats, combats and boots and of course, no one rocks a football strip quite like Beckham!

For many though, Beckham is at his most elegant and masculine when in a beautiful suit. Even with this more formal style, he manages to work different looks; sometimes wearing rolled up sleeves and a chic waistcoat, occasionally with a more nipped in suit, emphasising an open shirt and a silk cravat. More often than not he is looking absolutely spot on with a made to measure designer suit, simple shirt, slim tie and amazing accessories. There is no doubt though that Whichever way he wears it; no one wears it quite like Beckham.