Tuesday, 4 January 2011

David Beckham Style: Modern Style Icons

There is no doubt that David Beckham is one of the most recognisable style icons of modern times. Loved by exclusive fashion circles and commercial brands, by magazines such as GQ and fashion fans the world over. Beckham transcends the hierarchy of the fashion circuit with an amazing ability to have both a commercial and designer appeal that reaches out to men (and women – need I say Armani pants!). If we must use the word, then metrosexual is one way to describe David Beckham style, but his appeal is much more complex and exciting than now overused description of his look.

The David Beckham look is difficult to pin down to just one style; looking just as stylish in his favourite Diesel Zatiny jeans as he is when suited and booted in grey Armani. What Beckham does have are some closet staples and a few style rules that mean he is always effortlessly stylish. Not afraid to try new looks, Beckham knows that mixing it up keeps his look fresh and by doing this, he is always be ahead of the style curve.

David Beckham style definitely means investing in your wardrobe because this is a man who loves his designer accessories. Jeans, great logoed T’s, boots, expensive shades and cardigans form the core of David Beckham fashion. But there are many other looks that Beckham manages to make his own; baggy shorts and simple tees, slim fit jeans and beanie hats, combats and boots and of course, no one rocks a football strip quite like Beckham!

For many though, Beckham is at his most elegant and masculine when in a beautiful suit. Even with this more formal style, he manages to work different looks; sometimes wearing rolled up sleeves and a chic waistcoat, occasionally with a more nipped in suit, emphasising an open shirt and a silk cravat. More often than not he is looking absolutely spot on with a made to measure designer suit, simple shirt, slim tie and amazing accessories. There is no doubt though that Whichever way he wears it; no one wears it quite like Beckham.

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