Friday, 7 January 2011

How to wear Scarves: Scarves for Men

How to tie scarves for either sex is a bit of a tricky thing to decide but how to wear scarves is particularly difficult for men; attempting to wrap a bit of material around your neck can quite easily end up looking fairly unsexy; too tight and you risk looking like you have no neck, too loose and you might be mistaken for an amateur dramatic about to launch into a flamboyant soliloquy. So here are some tips on how to wear scarves!

1. The Parisian Knot
The loop and knot or as it is officially known, The Parisian knot is the most popular and most classic way to wear a scarf. Celebrities such as David Beckham are often seen tying scarves in this way. Fold the scarf in half, place around the neck and simply pull the ends through to create a large knot on or below the neck. Ends can be tucked in if extra chilly but a better look is to let the ends drape over the coat. A masculine, clean and elegant look.

2. The Once Around Knot
The once around knot is another simple yet stylish way to wear a scarf. Think Jude Law around Notting Hill. If you are just after a little comfort, then simply throw your scarf around your neck with one end slightly longer, tie a knot using the longer side and away your go. Beware of open neck T-shirts with this one or you could end up looking a bit like Ronaldo. Of course if that’s the look that you’re going for, knot away.

3. The Loose Once Around Knot
The Loose once-around knot is the most fashionable way to wear a scarf. Loose knit or thin rather than woollen scarves work best with this one. Simply wrap the scarf around your neck once and let both ends fall loosely either side. For those men who are a bit braver, a long chunky knit can be used but beware of looking like you’re wearing the latest in neck braces. Or in a boyband.

Of course there are many more ways on how to wear scarves men, but if a clean stylish look is what you are after then keep it simple; plain colours or stripes, compliment your shirt or coat and above all think classic.

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