Thursday, 13 January 2011

Johnny Cupcakes: Johnny Cupcakes UK Opening

Johnny Cupcakes may not be a brand that you are familiar with right now but the company is set to make their mark on the UK apparel scene. With a quirky back story, Johnny Cupcakes was founded in 2001 by Johnny Earle who decided, whilst getting some T-shirts printed for the band he was in, to screen print a few T-shirts with the Johnny Cupcakes motif for a laugh. Immediately co-workers and friends clamoured for the T-shirts with their quirky and fresh designs.

Travelling with the band, Johnny decided to take along his T-shirts and sell them at gigs. The Johnny Cupcake designs quickly began to establish a cult following that is now part of the appeal of the brand. From there, the Johnny Cupcakes brand has grown leaps and bounds in the last 10 years to now have three cupcake bakery themed shops in the US with a 4th on its way in London.

The original badge making spirit can still be seen in the current Johnny Cupcakes line up, which now includes the ever popular t-shirts, underwear, hooded tops and accessories. The Johnny Cupcakes branding is brilliantly recognisable, using the iconic skull and crossbones emblem with a cupcake in place of the skull.

It is Earle’s entrepreneurial spirit that had him placed in Business Week’s 2008 ‘Best Entrepreneurs 25 and Under’ list. The award recognized the blue sky thinking of the Johnny Cupcake branding, in particular the amazing popularity of Earle’s lectures at schools and universities that have seen such demand that a whole section of the Johnny Cupcakes website is now dedicated just to this.

With their first international shop set to open on March 12th this year in London, Johnny Cupcakes are going places. Fans of his designs are fast buying up tickets to the store opening which is set to be an amazing. Both Earle and the Johnny Cupcakes brand offer a really fresh approach and outlook to both clothes and business in the wider sense. Keep an idea for this name in 2011.

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