Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Simon Carter Gloves: New at KJ Beckett

When GQ names one of your items in their annual “100 best things in the world list”, you know you’ve got a great product on your hands, quite literally in this case! It seems Simon Carter have captured the interest of stylish professional men around the world with their new woollen gloves. At the end of last year, Simon Carter launched tweed and leather designed glove to great excitement; with a sumptuous cashmere and wool lining and a really handsome sartorial design, these gloves are a great addition to any mans wardrobe. Click her to view the range.

Started in the mid 1980's Simon Carter has historically been known foremost for their cufflinks, cornering the UK market by the 1990’s. Their iconic ‘Aspirin’ design, which stored tablets within the actual cufflink, concreted their dominance with these shirt accessories. Looking to expand the brand, Simon Carter has spent the last few years branching out into accessories as well as now also designing both casual and formal clothing; however it is their accessories that have truly captured the interests of the man on the street, and both their gloves and new seasonal bags are a real showcase of the quality of the Simon Carter name in 2011.

Simon Carter
has some beautiful new bags to offer this season, and as we enter the new year and plan those spring breaks, a fresh new carry case is definitely in order. Carter has delivered some amazingly fresh designs that are both slick and modern as well as performing a function. The ‘St Leonard’s Weekend Holdall’ is one such design which looks both cool and grown up. A soft fabric finish with leather corners, handles and strap – it is both great to look at and seriously useful. Go for purple if you love your high-tops and baggy jeans and choose the black with extra pockets if you’re a suited and booted businessman in need of extra pen storage.

This season Simon Carter are at the top of their game with new design led accessories, delivering quality and functionality in a grown up and modern style. Just watch where you put your gloves and bag down, they might not be there when you return! Shop for Simon Carter Now.

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