Monday, 21 February 2011

Barbour Bags: Review Of Barbour Bags

Anyone who loves heritage fashion will have heard of Barbour, as will anyone who needs their clothing to protect them from the elements. Such is Barbour’s wide appeal that their customers range from farmers to yummy mummies, Sloane rangers to students.

Barbour bags are the new fashion story for this 4th generation brand, and the companies’ stellar history is telling of why today’s Barbour bag is such a hit. A focus on functionality and quality has remained at the core of Barbour design and is the reason why Barbour remains ever popular.

The Barbour story started over 100 years ago when John Barbour, a travelling draper decided to set up J Barbour & Sons the growing town of South Shields. The popular shop soon became known as ‘Barbour’s’ to locals, however it was the local port industries need for protective elemental clothing that meant Barbour’s branded beacon oilskin protective coats became renowned for their quality and hard working design, and today’s jackets still protect their wearers with this branded beacon skin.

The success of providing the armed forces with waterproof clothing gave the company the confidence to develop a range of motorcycling gear and so the clothing of men’s Barbour started to take off.

The 80’s heralded the creation of some of the most classic of men’s Barbour designs including the lightweight Border jacket which appealed to the general public, and starting the trend for Barbour to be worn not just as a functional brand but as a fashion name in itself.

The modern day Barbour now provides a whole range of clothing accessories and although their jackets still hold a special place in their history, it is the Barbour bag which has caught the attention of the fashion world.
Tough and durable yet chic and always retaining the quality and functionality that Barbour are renowned for. Our favourite bag here has to be the Barbour tarras bag, a classic school satchel designed bag. In particular, the use of a variety of fabrics means that you can choose a specific material and colour styling to suit your particular needs. Black weatherproof leather for travelling to work on rainy days or sandy colored cotton in the summer.

These bags, just like all of Barbour’s creations are well-designed and purposeful with a wonderfully English twist on heritage stylishness. A wonderful addition to any mans wardrobe is the Barbour bag, or anything Barbour actually!

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