Monday, 21 March 2011

Duchamp Accessories: Review of Duchamp Ties, Cufflinks, Scarves, Socks & More

Duchamp was founded in 1989 by Mitchell Jacobs whose personal passion for cufflinks became the drive for the start up of the now well established London based luxury accessories company. At the time of Duchamp London’s arrival on the scene, the luxury men’s accessories market was just starting to develop and Duchamp London quickly gained a reputation as the brand to turn to for unique accessories.

Other items were soon included in the Duchamp accessory line up such as ties, socks, pocket squares and scarves, all with the vibrant patterns, colours and gorgeous luxury silk weaves that were beginning to garner a strong loyal customer for the distinct Duchamp London style. A full menswear range has developed over the years including shirts, jackets and trousers – all with the distinctly bold Duchamp London aesthetic.

The Duchamp London design is unique in its use of colours and patterns, taking inspiration from the vividness of the work of their namesake, Marcel Duchamp. The brand’s strengths lie in the loyalty of their designs to the Duchamp manifest of being bright, bold yet sharp and never afraid to push boundaries, all the whilst maintaining luxury and quality.

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The Duchamp London Spring Summer collection is superb; with a brilliant use of colour and pattern that is at once both fresh and classic, no mean feat. In particular lilac, pink and white shades have been used to great effect with bold patterns to create sharp lines with cool fresh colours.

In particular this season, Duchamp accessories are absolutely beautiful. The floral patterns used on both the ties and cufflinks really display the Duchamp London design aesthetic at its best. My favourite in the ties has to be ‘The Garden Delight’ tie in amazing purples and silver highlights, but there are so many to pick from that if I could buy them all – I probably would!

This seasons cufflinks raise Duchamp London accessories to a whole new bar, they are simply amazing. Using crystals to gorgeous effect, these are cufflinks like no others on the market. Their ‘Corsage crystal cufflink’ is beautiful, yet with all the use of feminine patterns and colours still retains a masculine edge. Team with one of their gorgeous silk ties (I suggest ‘Elysian fields’, so so lovely) and you will be the picture of sartorial elegance.

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