Monday, 28 March 2011

Wedding Style for Men: Wedding Accessories and Wedding Attire – Getting it right!

Men’s wedding style can be tricky to get right. Even if you are part of the wedding party and have an outfit all ready decided for you, it can still go horribly wrong. Unfortunately though, you don’t really get much say if you are a groomsman! It’s like it (salmon silk tie and matching handkerchief anyone) or errr, pretend to like it – because you’ll be wearing it all day!

For those of you fortunate enough to be picking your outfit, keep reading. We have broken down the different suits, styles and accessories that you might like to consider for your men’s wedding attire.

For a spring or summer wedding, keep it light in colour and in material. A well fitting light grey suit will always look classic and if you add a tailored waistcoat, this will look razor sharp. Soften with a light coloured shirt, spring colours like lilac and powder blue will always look gorgeous. If you are brave, try a linen or cotton suit – just be wary of very pale or white suits; a wedding isn’t the time to channel Miami Vice.

Men’s wedding accessories are also worth considering with your wedding outfit. For the warmer months, lovely soft toned ties and matching handkerchiefs sit well with this type of outfit and will add something of a debonair air. Amanda Christensen have luxury paisley hankerchiefs with matching ties which add a grown up air to an already dapper look.

For a more formal or evening wedding, you may consider a tuxedo. If this is the case, then select a really gorgeous and expensive looking bow tie to stand you apart from the crowd. Robert Charles design woven silk bow ties in either a block shade or if you are feeling brave, with a rose pattern – which can actually look surprisingly modern if worn with a properly fitted suit. The other neck attire that you might consider is a cravat; just be careful not to get confused with the wedding party or you’ll be helping Great Aunty May around all night!

With an autumn or winter wedding, you can go for a darker suit and make the most of the richer colours and textures around at this time of year in both attire and wedding accessories. Go for gold and choose a classic and stylish cufflink; Denisonboston offer a really sophisticated array that will look really elegant against a darker suit.

One rule that should always be followed though; matching with your partner (unless you are the groom of course) is a big no no. Do not let your other half persuade you of this. It is not a good look.

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