Friday, 8 April 2011

Pocket Squares – How to Fold a Pocket Square

Before we get started on how to fold a pocket square, perhaps we should just clarify what a pocket square actually is. It is a handkerchief, but not the same as the hanky you stuff in your pocket on your suit. It is a small, sometimes dressy and well folded (more of that in a bit) handkerchief that sits in the top left breast pocket of a jacket. This accessory accompanies a smart suit to add authority to a sharp look by showing attention to detail.

Straight Fold:

If we start with the simplest folds; the straight fold.
1. Simply lay out the pocket square,
2. Bring the left to the right side then bottom to the top not quite the whole way
3. Finally fold the hankerchief in thirds.
This is a good starter look but isn’t the sharpest as it simply shows a straight line of handkerchief peeking out over the top.

One Corner Fold:
A sharper look for pocket squares is the one corner fold, where just a peak of fabric shows;

1. Lay out your pocket square with one corner facing up and one facing down.
2. Form a triangle by bringing the bottom point to the top one.
3. Next, take the left corner to the right corner and the right corner.
4. If you have done this correctly then you should now have a rectangle with a little point on top.
5. Now just fold the bottom to the top, but not all the way (as with the straight fold) and simply place in your suit pocket, adjusting to show the right amount of fabric.

These are just two different ways of pocket square folding but there are many more. Get started with these...

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Friday, 1 April 2011

Frank Sinatra Fashion: Frank Sinatra A Classic Style Icon

Many a fashion writer has paid homage to Frank Sinatra style, and we here also wish to celebrate ‘Ol’ blue eyes’ flair for fashion. However, we will be taking a slightly different slant on Sinatra the style icon and discussing ways in which a gent can take inspiration from the Frank Sinatra look by taking certain pieces to create a suave way of dressing that is relevant for today’s man you guys!

Always beautifully turned out, Sinatra favoured tuxedos and sharp accessories. Extolling the virtues of being immaculate, Sinatra’s attention to detail is something which most men can learn from. Shoes polished to perfection, a half inch of shirt showing- no more, no less and trousers sitting at the exact length were all are part of the Frank Sinatra look.

Whilst a bespoke suit may be out of the reaches of most of us, accessories are a little easier to come by, which is very handy as Frank Sinatra fashion was all about smart, unfussy accessories. Sinatra often sported a white linen pocket square, which are very easy to come by and if you check out our blog from a couple of weeks back, you will even find an article telling you exactly how you might want to fold your pocket hanky!

For neck attire, Sinatra favoured bow ties or simple narrow silk ties. KJ Beckett’s own skinny silk ties will hit the mark spot on, especially if worn with a slim fit black or dark grey suit. The style king himself was a fan of black, especially after dark but you can go for navy or purple and still channel the dapper Frank Sinatra look.

Gold cufflinks were one accessory that Sinatra was rarely seen without in his suit. A gold cufflink is not often seen these days, with gents often preferring to wear silver or platinum, yet there is a genuine old fashioned class in wearing a gold cufflink. Denisonboston show a few designs in gold which are well worth taking a look at. Again a dark suit, white shirt and understated accessories are a great companion to a standout shirt link.

Of course, Frank Sinatra style comes down to more than a certain accessory or look. What Sinatra had was a self-belief and charisma that can’t be emulated by any suit or accessory. Your own style is up to you to find, but if you a little reminder of this, you could always get the Frank Sinatra cufflinks by Stanislav Reymer and keep the style king with you all day long!