Friday, 8 April 2011

Pocket Squares – How to Fold a Pocket Square

Before we get started on how to fold a pocket square, perhaps we should just clarify what a pocket square actually is. It is a handkerchief, but not the same as the hanky you stuff in your pocket on your suit. It is a small, sometimes dressy and well folded (more of that in a bit) handkerchief that sits in the top left breast pocket of a jacket. This accessory accompanies a smart suit to add authority to a sharp look by showing attention to detail.

Straight Fold:

If we start with the simplest folds; the straight fold.
1. Simply lay out the pocket square,
2. Bring the left to the right side then bottom to the top not quite the whole way
3. Finally fold the hankerchief in thirds.
This is a good starter look but isn’t the sharpest as it simply shows a straight line of handkerchief peeking out over the top.

One Corner Fold:
A sharper look for pocket squares is the one corner fold, where just a peak of fabric shows;

1. Lay out your pocket square with one corner facing up and one facing down.
2. Form a triangle by bringing the bottom point to the top one.
3. Next, take the left corner to the right corner and the right corner.
4. If you have done this correctly then you should now have a rectangle with a little point on top.
5. Now just fold the bottom to the top, but not all the way (as with the straight fold) and simply place in your suit pocket, adjusting to show the right amount of fabric.

These are just two different ways of pocket square folding but there are many more. Get started with these...

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