Saturday, 27 August 2011

Become your own style icon Beckett's friends at - the Men’s style and luxury brands blog - gave us their thoughts on what makes a snappy dresser...

'Style icon', like so many expressions these days, is a phrase which is completely overused in our opinion.

If you are a footballer, you are hailed as a 'style icon'.
If you happen to marry a footballer, you are a 'style icon'.
If you are an actor, you are a 'style icon'.

To be honest, it's a phrase we avoid at MilanStyle.

And while there are certainly a number of footballers, actors and others in the media spotlight who know how to pull a sharp outfit together (or let's be honest, have a stylist do it for them) money is not necessarily the only way to being stylish. And one thing we always try to convey to our readers at is that you must in fact become your own style icon.

At we celebrated our favourite dressers in one of our most popular articles on 'Timeless Style' for men.

Interestingly, many of the gentlemen we picked for our list had completely different looks and came from different backgrounds, from Motown to Buckingham Palace. Importantly though, all those on our list dressed true to their own personal style, something which they had each developed over the years.

But, so too did they all know the rules to completing an outfit.

While we were recently reviewing the article, we noticed that in all the pictures of the gentlemen we'd picked, they were wearing what we in England call handkerchiefs and what Americans call 'pocket squares'. (And what Europeans call 'pochettes' since you asked). Was this what made them look so smart?

A standard accessory worn with all jackets until the 70s, many men today however often fear the wearing of a handkerchief in the breast pocket of their favourite suit. The man from a working class background fears it will make him look 'too posh'. The successful businessman fears it will make him look out of touch or 'elitist'.

Forget these silly fears and give one a go. Our experience when wearing one is that people will generally really appreciate it, frequently coming up to you and giving you compliments on how smart you look. And who doesn't like to receive a compliment?

A silk handkerchief really does separate the men from the boys in our opinion.

If you're still dressing out of fear of what other people might say about your outfit, you may not be mature enough to pull off a handkerchief anyway!

If you are ready to give handkerchiefs a go though, it may be best to start with something simple and plain. You can't just go wrong with a luxurious white cotton 'kerchief by one of our favourite brands Derek Rose with whatever jacket colour you are wearing.
If you're a little more experienced with handkerchiefs, you can afford to be a little bolder. Ralph Lauren, for example, seems to be the American ambassador for the 'pocket square'. Something we've seen a lot of in the look-books we get sent for his labels like Polo Ralph Lauren and Ralph Lauren Purple Label is a smart navy blazer or rustic tweed jacket (which we British are of course very familiar with wearing) teamed with a beautiful, patterned silk handkerchief to really complete the look.

KJ Beckett are stocking the range of artisan handkerchiefs by the Soho (London) based designers 'Penrose London' in modern paisleys, which will work a treat with a navy or grey suit jacket. (Black jackets in our opinion can not tolerate so much colour, best to stick to a plan white cotton/linen or red silk handkerchief only).

There are many guides and illustrations on how to fold a handkerchief perfectly. We tend to just fold it in half so it forms a triangle and just shove it into the pocket using your middle fingers, so that it generally looks OK, don't worry so much about getting it 'perfect' - it's enough that you're confident enough to wear one. Once it's in, you'll be most stylish man in the room, and, dare we say it, maybe even your office's own Style Icon?

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Vivienne Westwood Accessories AW2011

Vivienne Westwood accessories are hitting our shelves at the moment... the collection includes a fantastic array of women's bags and purses in a myriad of colours. Also new in are some fantastic men's wallets (as well as restock of classic designs) and a range of stunning new cufflinks (including a very bold pair of penis cufflinks)...

To view the collections as they arrive checkout...

KJ Beckett is an authorised retailer of Vivienne Westwood accessories and jewellery.

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Fred Perry Accessories for Men AW2011

KJ Beckett are pleased to announce that the Fred Perry AW2011 men's accessories collection has started to land. Click here to view Fred Perry accessories.

Fred Perry socks, wallets, bags, caps...

Key trends in Groom Accessories

KJ Beckett have spoken to denisonboston to get the low-down on groom accessories for a wedding...

Groom’s accessories should all be about making a statement but in an understated yet stylish manner. At the end of the day the last thing any groom wants to do is to out shine the Bride!

However the groom deserves the finer things in life especially on his wedding day and good accessories are the key.

Working on the basis of the having chosen your suit style and colour; accessories should be the finishing touch and accent to the outfit. A combination of the finish to the grooms outfit, but also complimenting and highlighting the bride as well as groomsmen and brides maids. This can be achieved in a number of ways with the key trends being colour, pattern and details.


Bold blocks colours picking up the wedding theme or bringing the best out in the suit. Blues, greys as standard but dare to wear pink in summer, with purples and ruby reds good statements for autumn tones.


Co-ordinated patterns across your accessories. Having a checker, stripe and dot classics in the tie, pocket hank and socks really pulls it all together.


Accessories is all about the details even if you just notice it but other people will for sure.

The tie, no too wide, not too thin. 7cm is a good blade width. Cufflinks... think more modern classic, no bright and blingy. You wan to wear them again and remember your big day. A pocket hank is a must. Pouchette style as preference with a bit more style but even folded pocket square with a dash of colour or pattern.

Other key finishing details that are key right now are the tie pin or tie clips. Not only looks sharp but also means you don’t have to worry about your tie position all day. Black onyx, mother of pearl or plain with subtle pattern always work best.

The combination of strong colour, subtle pattern and sharp detailing is the key. Try mix and matching these factors to look less staid or drab wedding formula. Think style not peacock or dandy!

Good luck on the big day...

denisonboston offer a wide range of fashion accessories suitable for weddings. Ties, cufflinks, shirt studs, collar stiffeners, pocket squares, and much more... Click here to view denisonboston's collections at KJ Beckett.

Many thanks to Jon Boston, Managing Director of denisonboston, a leading UK accessories brand.

Monday, 15 August 2011

Win a Rip Curl Wallet!!!

To celebrate the launch of our new Rip Curl AW2011 collection, we are giving away a brand new Rip Curl wallet on Facebook...
Simply go to our Facebook page here and like...

For more information about Rip Curl @ KJ Beckett click here.

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Win a Luxury Bag by Estime Paris (on Facebook)

Win a £270 luxury bag by Estime at

Simply go to KJ Beckett's Facebook page (click here) and "like and share" to be in with a chance to win a premium quality bag from the exciting Paris based brand.

The winner will be picked on Thursday 25th August 2011 at 11am. The winner will be announced on Facebook. Guest Blogging at KJ Beckett

KJ Beckett are pleased to welcome men's style and luxury brands blog,, as a guest blogger at is the ultimate online destination for designer/luxury clothing, footwear and accessories, for gentleman with the finest taste! MilanStyle works with the world’s leading luxury brands and their interesting articles are a essential read for the discerning gentleman who demands the very best for his wardrobe.

Our readers can look forward to many interesting articles on men’s clothing, footwear and accessories over the coming weeks, months and years...

Stylish accessories for Men: Don’t let your outfit down. Beckett have asked men’s style and luxury brands blog, to select their favourite accessories to accompany their perfect outfit for the season ahead.

‘It’s all in the details’.

It’s a saying we’ve all heard and we’ve probably even said a few times ourselves, but strangely, most gents often fall down on the little details when it comes down to putting together an outfit for a smart evening out, or even just to smarten up their office attire.

It’s often the case that men will spend a lot of money on a shirt or pair of jeans for an evening out, forgetting that an outfit does not start and end with your top and bottoms. There is absolutely no exception to this rule, so that means your (polished) shoes have got to look just as sharp and just as fresh as your new shirt. And so have your accessories.

Many often scrimp and try to ‘save money’ on their socks, underwear and ties, thinking that because the rest of their outfit looks good, they’ll ‘get away’ with a bobbly old pair of socks and a tie you got for Christmas a few years ago from your Nan. The truth is, the opposite tends to happen. Your tired old socks, or your cheap tie pulls down the rest of your outfit and leaves people with an impression that you’re not sure how to pull together a smart outfit. Whereas if you’d spend a little more to perfect these little details and highlight your own individual sense of style, you’d seriously elevate your look (and what people think of how you dress).

If you’re a fan of Vivienne Westwood menswear for example, there’s just no point wearing a brand new crisp Vivienne Westwood shirt and then letting it down with bog-standard Christmas cracker cufflinks. Invest in some of the designer’s iconic ‘skull’ cufflinks in gunmetal grey (we really love these at – needless to say they complete any Westwood outfit and also are actually very adaptable – adding a real touch of personality to your office shirt too. Wear them with confidence.

Next, socks

We’ve all done it. You think that because you’re wearing some beautiful Gucci loafers, or Oliver Sweeney boots or maybe even some Tricker’s brogues that you’ll be able to get away with some cheap Primark socks that you got as a gift, right? Wrong.

Seriously if you’ve taken the leap to wearing proper men’s shoes, spend the extra tenner you’d normally spend on socks and go for some by the likes of Pantherella, still made in England in fine woollens, and still looking as good with a well-made pair of shoes just as they ever did.


Anyone who reads our blog will know how in awe we are of the John Smedley brand after we recently visited their factory.

Again, don't try to cut corners and making sure always you look sharp from head to toe. You just can’t beat a John Smedley jumper and after we tried the scarves in subtle, very ‘English’ designs, we realised it will be hard to beat a John Smedley scarf too. KJ Beckett’s selection is affordable and understated, meaning they will go with just about any outfit in the cooler months, smart or casual.

If you’re feeling a little bolder, then of course, it’s back to Vivienne Westwood and her range of eye-catching scarves for men. These look great with a plain, casual jumper allowing the scarf to really stand out.

Lastly, BlackBerry and Iphone cases

Ok, at we’ve got some pretty expensive Iphone and BlackBerry cases by the likes of Zagliani and while the genuine crocodile and ostrich skin versions are amazing, not everyone will be able to afford £1000 on a mobile phone case!

Estime are a French brand making lovely cases and bringing a touch of sheer class (and a hell of a lot of craftsmanship) to the now ubiquitous Iphone and Blackberry. We really rate the ‘mock-crock’ versions for less than a tenth of the price of the £1000 Zagliani version, for around only £90.

The leather is superb as is the workmanship, all made in France, with our particular favourites the crocodile skin print version accessories which just look plain sexy, dare we say it, and give the wearer that touch of sheer class as you take out your mobile phone to gasps of envy.

Remember then gents, when you buy cheap accessories, you’re really only fooling yourself into thinking you can ‘get away with it’. Spend that little bit extra than you perhaps normally would and enjoy the confidence in wearing a complete, quality outfit from head to toe – it’s all in the details after all.

For more style tips and information on luxury brands, visit the MilanStyle blog.