Saturday, 20 August 2011

Key trends in Groom Accessories

KJ Beckett have spoken to denisonboston to get the low-down on groom accessories for a wedding...

Groom’s accessories should all be about making a statement but in an understated yet stylish manner. At the end of the day the last thing any groom wants to do is to out shine the Bride!

However the groom deserves the finer things in life especially on his wedding day and good accessories are the key.

Working on the basis of the having chosen your suit style and colour; accessories should be the finishing touch and accent to the outfit. A combination of the finish to the grooms outfit, but also complimenting and highlighting the bride as well as groomsmen and brides maids. This can be achieved in a number of ways with the key trends being colour, pattern and details.


Bold blocks colours picking up the wedding theme or bringing the best out in the suit. Blues, greys as standard but dare to wear pink in summer, with purples and ruby reds good statements for autumn tones.


Co-ordinated patterns across your accessories. Having a checker, stripe and dot classics in the tie, pocket hank and socks really pulls it all together.


Accessories is all about the details even if you just notice it but other people will for sure.

The tie, no too wide, not too thin. 7cm is a good blade width. Cufflinks... think more modern classic, no bright and blingy. You wan to wear them again and remember your big day. A pocket hank is a must. Pouchette style as preference with a bit more style but even folded pocket square with a dash of colour or pattern.

Other key finishing details that are key right now are the tie pin or tie clips. Not only looks sharp but also means you don’t have to worry about your tie position all day. Black onyx, mother of pearl or plain with subtle pattern always work best.

The combination of strong colour, subtle pattern and sharp detailing is the key. Try mix and matching these factors to look less staid or drab wedding formula. Think style not peacock or dandy!

Good luck on the big day...

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Many thanks to Jon Boston, Managing Director of denisonboston, a leading UK accessories brand.

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