Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Dents Gloves - Get ready for the winter!

I know we don't want to think about winter .. but its not that far away and soon we will be wanting a nice cozy pair of gloves to slip our hands into. 

KJ Beckett is proud to be able to offer luxury items such as dents gloves. Dents has been making high quality gloves since the late 1700’s. They are one of our favourite brands when it comes to luxury gloves which are both affordable and stylish! And have been modelled by the likes of the royal family and other celebrities. Another reason why Dents gloves are a big favourite of ours is that they are all handcrafted no matter what price range they are, so you still end up with the same quality in the cheaper gloves as you do in the more expensive ranges.

Spending eight hours perfecting each pair of gloves in their Warminster lab, Dents Heritage Collection is crafted with an attention to quality, style, and practicality that make them exquisite enough to wear year after year. 

These gloves are perfect for keeping you hands warm as well as being highly fashionable with any outfit. Check out our range of dents gloves at KJ Beckett. you'll be sure to find something you like! 

Tip 1: Getting the perfect fit

When you are buying gloves it is always important to get the best fit possible. With Dents gloves you can get a nice snug fit by measuring your hand at home and then choosing the appropriate size on our website so you will never be disappointed. 
How to measure fit: 
1) First of all grab yourself a measuring tape like the one shown in the picture, or a piece of string if you don’t have one.
2) measure around your knuckles as shown in the picture
3) use this size guide to gauge what size you need (if glove sizes are in small, medium, large etc …)
Men’s Sizes - inches to cm
small: 7inches // 18cm
medium: 7½ - 8inches // 20cm
large: 8½ - 9inches // 23cm
x-large: 9½ - 10inches // 25cm
xx-large: 10½ - 11inches // 30cm

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